Ierrillus. Tell me what blasphemy is.

I don’t think you understand. Life is not a Nintendo game to me. I can win that game if I want.

There are things way more important than that Nintendo game.

psshhh like what

Like. Giving a shit. I hurt if anybody suffers.

Explain to me what my heaven is in your sociopathic spirit and your sociopathic Nintendo game.

Go on. Explain it to me.

Your heaven is whatever you want that also doesn’t hurt other people.

That’s a wide range of possibilities…

Only you can pick the ones you prefer.

Or even make ‘em.

It’s never been trash then

Or it’s like it has always been treasured

Ierrillus had his chance to explain Blasphemy …he failed.

Blasphemy is to speak against God, as-if the Mortal mind has the audacity to speak Truth fluidly and powerfully.

This is the Reason-why, the Cause, that in the Abrahamic religions, it is Outlawed and Illegal to speak the Name of God, or in Islam today, to depict God’s visage, as these taint and corrupt the Word of God viscerally and immediately.

It’s like walking into somebody’s house, pissing and shitting on their rug, their most valuable possession.

Blaspheme is a Sin, because a person actually speaks against Himself.

Meno_ sees.

In other news, I named a Super Nintendo Sim City after you. First time (that I recall) using the unlimited money hack. Once I build it out completely I want to see how long to Megalopolis from its current position of Capital. (Update: went to Metropolis in 4 months.)

You should be as flattered as I was to learn my high school buddy Caleb named a strain of pot after me.

P.s. “Human capital” … there’s blasphemy for you.

There is a vast difference between failed to and chose not to.

Blasphemy is an unacceptable word.

The implications are eternal damnation.

No omnipotent loving creator of everything would even make blasphemy possible.

Blasphemy is eternal revenge upon an offense. It’s revenge.

So. When you take the god concept, god is the only blasphemer.

Fortunately for god, we’re nicer than god.

I’d just disempower and isolate. No hell realm there.

If being disempowered and isolated is what you want forever instead of relationship… no harm no foul.

We’ve discussed all of this. Pretty sure.

Not exactly in those words.

If anyone suffers for even one second, I suffer.

I’m tired of all apologetics for suffering that you do every moment of every day, trying to put a positive spin on it. Loyalty to the perfect dictator, correct? Can’t question what they do, to you and others? Correct?

I’m going to change existence structurally. And when I do it, I’m going to think of you as well. I’ll give you your perfect dictator that you can’t question.

All the evil in your life will be perfect and good.

You can have it.

Hm. Can I try before I buy? I’m just not sure I understand what this structural change implies.

Ichthus. I would never do that to you. I just wanted you to admit that life is flawed.

You still can’t do it.

The patch I’m making is for everyone.

Not just me.

What bout me? Kicked out of bounds?

Meno. If you want someone to beat the shit out of you everyday, forever… I’ll give that to you.

If you want something different. I’ll give that to you as well.

If you want to change your mind? I’ll give that to you too.

Soooooo… can I try before I buy, then? Anyway.

Life is flawed, but love requires choice, and God sees all the way down the road so this is the least flawed way back to Good. And he will turn it back to Good. And it starts by us counting it all joy. He overcame because he is love… same for us. We aren’t perfect love, though… but perfect love died in our place & loves circles around us. So the imperfect is seen as the perfect. But do WE see? In this case, seeing is agreeing. You have to see/agree you are imperfect before you can see you are loved as if you are already perfect. You think I don’t see that? Keep reminding me.


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