If black people are afro-americans

Then I think that white people should be called euro-americans. Why is the term “white” good enough?

I will now be using this term to describe myself. euro, as in my roots are in Europe, american, as in I was born and raised in American cities.

Thus: Native-american (missleading, but the best we can do, I think), afro-american, euro-american, asian-american, arab-american, persian-american and indo-american.

Also, I think we should look for an alternate name for America. I don’t want to be known by the same name as some random sailor (as a bonus, the ppl form the-country-with-no-name (USA) will be able to keep the denomination they seem to value so much).

I propose Markland, in recognition of the first encounters between native and eruo-americans, the main ethnicities in the continent until the native-americans underwent a European genocide and where mostly replaced by afro-americans.

I’m convinced the owner of BET gets secret lessons on how to keep black people and white people in America especially divided.

All this black power community feel shit is from the top. Don’t believe me? Look into KELSEY GRAMMAR’s IMDB

Well, that and they are two radically different cultures that were copy-pasted together by rich European capitalists, enabled by the governments involved.

They were.

Nowadays it’s like it requires a fuckton of effort just to keep those differences alive. We have Kelsey Grammars assembling these all black casts and the BET owners having connections to the same handlers that introduced Jay Z to Lucifer. God forbid there be a show where it’s just white people and black people. God forbid we move forward as a society.

They would want to see black people in this stasis pod where ‘gangsta’ is de-facto cool, when it hasn’t been cool since like the 90’s. It’s all fake. Deliberate. This is all mason control 101. God forbid people actually come together and recognize the similarities between themselves, right? Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Man, those meetings must get repetitive.

This scene sums it up perfectly.


That is a nice ideal, but in reality, it just means that “black people should start dressing and acting like white people,” not “black people and white people should stop giving so much of a shit about being a black person or being a white person.”

Like Malcom X’s criticism of the “house nigger.”

Black people will be the first to admit there is no fear of them losing their identity by not forcing it into tv shows and weird stuff. When it comes to fashion and stuff black people seem to do just fine.

If there was a WET channel black people would be pissed, so basically they’re being engineered into being hypocrites—and then white people rightfully say, ‘hey, this is hypocritical.’

Black people don’t need to dress like white people for there to not be a clear engineered divide between them.

So what does it take?

Btw, Crash is a corny, crappy movie compared to James Toback’s Black and White

It was made in collaboration with many members of the Wu Tang Clan. This is a video they made:


Couldn’t find a non-censored version… bastards

Work on the self by both sides that probably won’t happen.

And yes, Crash is a bad movie. But it’s also really good.

Let me try again:

It will require The ‘thousands of public arrests of prominent world leaders’ as per Mr. Benjamin Ihopehe’snotfullofshitford,


I honestly wonder which is more likely…

Sorry man, I did the first 3 minutes and couldn’t (fine, fine… wouldn’t) do anymore.

Anyway, of course having all the top people arrested would help any kind of deep societal change.

However, as it stands now, I believe that the difference between white culture and black culture can be helped first by acknowledging that they are both self-contained cultures as well as interacting ones, and that perhaps the answer is not to meld them but to “stop giving so much of a shit about whether you are a white person or a black person.” Of course, that is easy to say for a white montrealer, not so much for a black mississippian.

Here in America, we live in a world where, historicially, whites had enslaved, oppressed and exploited blacks for hundreds of years. And blacks make up only 13 to 14 percent of the population.

Now, if it were the other way around, no doubt, we would have a white history month and most white folks would be called euro-americans.

You just have to think it through.

This is an argument against slavery, oppression and exploitation, not the use of the term euro-american.

But particular black folks have chosen particular appellations [Colored People, Negroes, Blacks, Afro-Americans, African-Americans etc] as a way of reconfiguring themselves vis-a-vis a white majority that had enslaved, oppressed and exploited them.

It says nothing about individual white folks or individual black folks—or brown folks or red folks or yellow folks. They are just social and political designations that come in and out of use.

heck, ‘euroamerican’ is a term that reminds one that white americans ALSO came from somewhere else, have a culture (or a mix of specific ones) rather than THE culture. IOW they are not ‘the norm’ or ‘the american’ but yet another group in the world whose ancestors - if not themselves or their parents - moved around.

I propose we not give a shit about labels that don’t mean anything and we just go get a pint and chill. Who’s with me? :smiley:

Hell it’s the 21st century we are all rubbish at being people whatever our colour, let’s just all get together and accept we all suck, no matter what creed or colour. We’re all shit, but homogeneously shit as humans . :slight_smile:

As Theodore Roosevelt said “Fuck Hyphenated Americans!” well that may not be exactely what he said.

But the point is if your born in this counrty you should be considered an American, period.

No man, they are an actual designation. It explains the stark difference in traits between the groups I mentioned.

This sentiment is exactly why color of skin will never be an irrelevant thing. You may want it to be as irrelevant as hair or eye color, but this sentiment about the importance and goddamn entire-culture determining force that skin color has is already calcified.