If God was flesh...

would he (it) still be divine?

only if that flesh was veal. veal is divine.

Jesus - the original God-made-flesh - is generally (among Christians) considered divine, so yes, probably.

i just shot hot coffee out through my nose - thanks alot Flannel Jesus.

Throughout history, plenty of gods have been flesh. So, why would that present a problem?

Capital-G God.

I’m thinking of “divine” in a sublime/perfect sense of the word i.e. all good. But to be flesh is to be imperfect. To not be on either side of the right/wrong, good/evil divide but to have that divide as a fundamental part of being. As I remember the gods of Olympus for example, they were all characters, they had temperments, they were flawed/imperfect…but the old testament God was a bit of a cunt too so…maybe just the Christian God is supposed to be perfect/ideal?

Anyway, my idea is that God is solely an idea, only the idea/concept can exist as divine/sublime, but it’s not possible to be so in reality.

God already was flesh. Uh, Christ, duh??

As far as I know he was just as fictional as God.

Duh! :unamused:

Fiction based on fact, God based on man, duhuhh! Jesus kicked a lot of ass, a long time ago. You sinners and unbelievers better hide when he comes back. He’s not going to be too happy with your doubting him all the time.

Based on the fact that he was God-become-man? Riiight…

Why ought I argue with a disbeliever headed for eternal fire and damnation anyway?

I don’t know why you posed this thread as a hypothetical question. The proven, factual existence of Jesus H. Christ, is also proof that God and Man are one. You better watch your back when Christ is reincarnated and the Apocalypse begins! I don’t think God-man is going to be very forgiving of you as much as the first time. I mean, how many times does Christ need to come back to life before people begin to believe in Him as Lord and Savior of all mankind??

Eurghh…why are you posting? Why!? ](*,)

Because the power of Christ compels you. Admit to me that you wish you were God, like Christ who was already once born. You shouldn’t be so ashamed of aspiring to be a better man. Just admit that God was already once realized in the flesh, and his name was Jesus Harvey Christ.

It’s not my fault you haven’t looked in a single history book, ever written? I mean, it’s pretty explicit. Jesus was born, and was betrayed by Jews who ultimately are responsible for murdering Him, the son of God. What do you think is going to happen when he returns the second time around, trevor? Tell me, I want to know, dammit!!! TELL ME!

The internet. :unamused:


Why is divinity related to capital-G god? Also, several rather famous capital-G gods were flesh, so I’m not sure what is meant by the OP?

Because God is the essence of all divinity.

I clarified it more in my response to you above. My main point being that once in flesh, i.e. within the world divinity/sublimity/perfection/purity/Beauty is impossible.

Christians would strongly disagree with that notion, and that is if we are only talking about capital-G God, the Abrahamic God.

The Bahai would probably argue against that as well.

Trevor aren’t there more valuable things you could be devoting your time towards?