If Hitler was a woman, he would have persecuted blacks

So you are saying: Logic is nonsense. — Why? Because James’ post is refering to logic and nothing else.

Logic isn’t nonsense, but: Your statement is nonsense. It has nothing to do with logic, nothing to do with philosophy, nothing to do with science, nothing to do with life, nothing to do with anything because it is absolutely absurd, it is just false.

Maybe you didn’t or couldn’t read James’ post. In that case I forgive you, but your statement is stupid. Your statement is mad too, Mad Man P., and laughable ( :laughing: ), but also dangerous ( :exclamation: ) because it is a subjective one which indicates that you are merely a hater.

Try to read James’ post: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=185298#p2456603

If you can not understand logic, I wonder why are you posting here because: the most important discipline of philosophy is logic.

[size=120]I love philosophy, especially logic.[/size]

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If this one is a woman, (he / ) she persecutes logicians.


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