If I look into a mirror...

If I look into a mirror, is that other person me? If so, does that person have a life too? What if that person’s life is mine in reverse? It could be. When I look into a mirror he moves the exact opposite arms, eyes, everything. But, does he do the same thing when he is away from the mirror as I do…in reverse? Or does he have his own life and only on our mark he ventures to the mirror the same time as I do, only to do the mirror image of what I do?

Finaly, a subject that I can tackle!!

I have pondered about this same thing dozens of times! I am a strange soul. Very strange soul.

Someone who believes everything they are told by everybody else will just tell you, “It’s your damn reflection. The photons bounce off your body, bounces off the flat glass and into your retina.” But what if we aren’t living in the world that we have been told we are living. What if we one day wake up in our beds six years old?

This may be possible only if there is such a thing as multiple of parallel universes (see ilovephilosophy.com/phpbb/vi … p?t=138826). In order for the person you see in the mirror to be real, he/she must be living the same life that you are in a separate but nearly identical universe (one that is a mirror image of our own). What happens if you have two mirrors facing eachother at 90 degree angles, where you continually see a mirror image reflected from one mirror onto the next?

philosophy is the love of knowledge…and you guys or girls smoke way to much weed.

-del, if i did that i would be out of a job, and so would smooth :smiley:

interesting post ted. it would be awesome for a short story.

Yeah, I can’t smoke no more. I used to, if that is anything.

Question Reality… know thyself… F---- the world!!

For sure You are the same person, as the person in the mirror, but the question is : can you controll movements and actions of that person in the mirror if the mirror is not there any longer…
That is what I used to dwell on

That is the same as the whole ‘if a tree fell in the forrest…’ question.

But what is the conclusive proof that the image in the mirror is you? All my life I haven’t seen my face, but images that other objects (i.e. video camaras, photo’s, and mirrors) have told me is my face. I don’t know what I look like, in fact the only thing I know about me is what my hands look like.

Is the person in the mirror really you just because you see the reflection of other people and see they are the same? I used to get meditate while looking at my reflection. Pretty scary stuff.


i’m quiet sure that you’re also able to look at other parts of your body than your hands. if not than i’m rather impressed…

but seriously, i was wondering. i will accept the idea that it is possible there is nothing at all, or everything is controlled by an evil demon. heck, let’s say it is certain that this is the case. the face in the mirror is exactly the opposite of what you’re face looks like, you’re really living in a dog’s nose and panda bears like to dress in tutus. okay. fine

how will this change how you live your life?

p.s. besides doing something like trying to organize a panda bear ballet…

oops, I meant more than my hands. It was just that I was sitting down typing.

It would change my life in that I wouldn’t give a damn what the consequences of my actions were.

I would recommend observing your mirror image for two hours, take a break for fifteen minutes and repeat this process until you cannot stay awake any longer. Do this for several weeks and the answer will surely come to you, for it is not that your mirror image is a reflection of you, but you are indeed a reflection of it.


…you would change everything because you won’t give a damn about your actions? let’s just get this straight: you realize who you are in the mirror is different from who you actually look like. so then your actions have no bearing on you because the perception of yourself is unknownable (assuming). so because you don’t know what you look like, are you saying, you can’t really know who you are?

that’s interesting, because i would have thought that a man isn’t defined by his appearance but what he does (his actions). you may have very little control over your body, relatively speaking, to the extreme that you might not even know it. but you do have a very good aptitude to perform acts. because you do have control over this, i would suggest that this defines you. if anything, knowing that your body is not recognizable to you only give you more reason to be more conscious of your actions. at the very least, you certainly should give a damn. i think.

i’m assuming a lot here. like you have control over your actions more than your body. you can argue this. like with science, plastic surgery, etc no, we do have more control. especially since our unconscious can decide a lot of our actions for us (i.e. i like to do yoga because i did ballet when i was 4, etc). that’s an interesting idea.

i don’t think however, this compeletly disqualifies all the meaning of our actions – it changes the direction. that is, we should concentrate only on our bodies over our mind. overall, i think the effect will be very minor.

Mirrors scare me alot.

I have twice done this experiment and it is enough for me.

Imagine if you can holding a picture of a face in a magazine, looking straight out of the page, so the eyes follow you all round the room.
Now try and stare into those eyes.
I don’t mean focus on one eye then the other. I mean unfocus your eyes so that one eye looks directly into one of the eyes on the page and your other looks directly into the other. It is known as the thousand yard stare.

Once you find yourself able to do this, go to a mirror and do the same with your reflection. Look directly into your soul.

WARNING: I have done this twice in my life. The first time I woke in hospital(mental ward). The second time I did it I was already in hospital (mental ward). What brought me out of it, was the nurses bursting into the room and asking me, had I heard someone screaming? I had not. It turned out it was I that was doing the screaming.

Alot of people with mental Illness also have the thousand yard stare.

That is why mirrors scare me.



What I tried to say was a little more deeper than just in the way I look. I was trying to say that if the person in the mirror isn’t really what I looked like, then I could deduce that the rest of this world isn’t real. Sort of like the Matrix. For all I know I could be in some sort of virtual reality, and the computer program is telling the mirror that I must look this way.

Am I making any sense?

mental zen, what the hell? don’t do that thousand yard stare thing anymore!!


no i definetly get what you are saying and i understand but i think the points from my last post still stand. of course i’ll be willing to accept that just because of your personal image of yourself is wrong then reality is thrown into question – this i get. but i don’t think that realizing this will dramatically change your life, nor should it.

okay, let’s take the matrix. sigh i really don’t like this movie, but that’s another thread.

you’re neo. you find out about the blue/red pill thing. you take the pill. you don’t stop giving a damn about your actions, as suggested. if anything, your actions become more important than before. they define you more so than your behavouir prior to this knowledge. before, neo was a stupid computer programmer living in room 101 (a la orwell’s 1984) but after gaining the knowledge that reality is different from what he believes it to be, he become the ONE through his incredible actions.

reality is not within our control, we have arguably no control over it. we can control us, and realizing this will be more powerful than any blue/red pill.

But don’t you think that you could change your personal reality. I think that a person can change the nature of their reality with the power of their mind. By using the brain to imagine objects, events, and situations that are pure fantasy to us, but to them real.

we may not have control over reality… but we do have control of how we view reality :wink:

Could you make a more detailed commentation?? I would like to know what the result of it should be. Unfortunately, I lack time to do that.

hi smooth,

i didn’t mention anything about personal reality. and i’m not to sure what you mean by that. i have some ideas, but not to sure. nature of reality. what’s that? is it the essence of reality that is unchangable… i don’t know. please clarify :smiley:

Trix, if I ever make no sense at all. Don’t worry. I probably don’t know what the hell I’m talking about in the first place. I make things up as I go.

But by personal reality I guess I meant your veiw of reality. Since it is self evident that we are the only ones that can experience our lives, maybe each of our experience are very different. And by very different I mean maybe somebody see’s everything backwards. And they read things all right because they just learned to do so. That is their personal reality.