If Jesus fathered a child

If Jesus fathered a child, would the child have been fully human or part human and part God?

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  • Part human and part God
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If Jesus fathered a child, would the child have been fully human or part human and part God?

My understanding is that the child would be fully human. The Incarnation is a second non-created hypostasis of the triune God made flesh. Since flesh is propagated independently of ensoulment (that is, ensoulment happens sometime after conception) it makes sense that only the human part of Jesus would be involved in procreation. Well, aside from his role in the Trinity and the Trinity’s role in ensoulment (which I, admittedly, know nothing about).

Was only the human part of Jesus’ Dad, God involved in the conception of Jesus?

It was all immaculate, so they say. That would seem to be the form of a divinity giving birth to a half God, half human child.

As for a half human, half God giving birth to any child, presumably through sexual reproduction, that doesn’t seem to be covered anywhere.

50-100 generations later, any descendents of Jesus today might be 1/2^(50-100) God, and the rest human. I wonder what one could do with that… - speculate to a superhuman degree perhaps.

If you are talking about a creator super deity like Christianity, then whatever the fuck the god wanted would happen.
If that god wanted a flipping unicorn apricot chicken to leap out of the eyesockets of a horse’s ass that was birthed from a man’s rectum, then that’s what would happen.

Mm. Yeah, it’s a good thing I’m not God.

That line of thinking is similar to some early heresies. When I think of Jesus and the like, I think of orthodox church doctrine and not heresies. That doesn’t mean that orthodox church isn’t confusing and strange. But I don’t have to believe it so I don’t really let that bother me.

A better question is could Jesus have fathered a child through sexual intercourse after he was raised from the dead? If so, would the child be any more God than if Jesus fathered a child by sexual intercourse prior to his crucifixion?