If Obama asks you to Volunteer will you?

Obama will make a call for you to volunteer time to your country in some capacity. When he does are you going to? I think I might, but I haven’t decided yet. If you will what group will you volunteer with and what will you be doing?


I can’t tell whether I’ll be working in the soup kitchen or eating there yet, or both…

volunteer with the patriots who will bring a little coup d’etat the socialists’ direction


How does one join such ranks?

i’d punch him in the face

people and their funny ideas about owning things…

People seem to think that it would be fair if you kept what was your own.

They ignore the fact that everything they own was created by somebody else.

Yeah, gimme that computer you’re using I made, dammit.

Yes, I’d volunteer to be the house honky in Present Obama’s (sic)brain trust, or the Drop House Press Secretary. “Barry lied and the Market died”. Now there’s a wet dream. But then it’d turn into a nightmare working with Bro Rahm as the HHH*. What’s the white equivalent of “Yassa Boss”… :-k

Failing that, which is certain, I’ll join Imp’s underground. I wouldn’t punch him in the face though, those SS guys are real sticklers about being unbiased.

Nothing to worry about there Barry.

Nothin’ at all.

In any case, will they stop whinnin’ 'bout reparations NOW?

*[size=85]Head House Honky.[/size]

Volunteer means to do work and not receive financial compensation for it, right?

I thought so, in that event I will be hanging up the phone.