If Qualia don't exist....

If it turns out that qualia don’t exist, would it then follow that we are zombies?
Devoid of thought, sensory input, belief/desires?

And how can one eliminate visual perceptions?
This would seem to be self-evident.

My qualia exist for me, that is self evident.

Of course qualia exist. It is via qualia that we have learned and concluded about the physical world outside us.
If anything is real, qualia are.

I read a paper once called “should a materialist believe in qualia?”.

It was long winded, full of formal logic and very philosophical.

I think the answer is…maybe.

It’s kind of ironic since the materialists sense of self would be made up of qualia. So the materialist who thinks
‘I do not believe in qualia.’
is thinking quite a mess.

Um, maybe I’m a materialist who doesn’t believe in qualia, and I just use the term “I” to refer to that which is within the pysical boundaries of “me”. While this may seem semantically absurd, I think that the problem is more in the language than it is in the concept. Why do I have to assume something non-physical to be an “I” or a “me”?

Hey that’s a real question.

I wonder how the paper avoided using qualia to draw its conclusion - which makes it seem possible that qualia do not exist. Sort of like building a stilt house without the stilts so the house just floats in the air.

The act of writing a paper seems grounded in a belief that qualia are real. I mean, what’s the use of a paper if they are not?

The ‘I’ qualia is just one of many qualia. You can avoid labeling some set of qualia I or me, but it is via all these qualia you draw all your conclusions. Take away information gained through qualia and what have you got?

How can we learn about the real with any confidence if the medium is not real?

Could someone please give the definition of qualia that we’re using here? I think if sommething can be quantified, then its not qualia. So what is it that can’t be quantified?