If you can be a fictional character...

I would be Ender from Ender’s Game.

Sir Lancelot

Darth Maul

Robert Langdon from Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons & The DaVinci Code

Bilbo Baggins … adventures make one late for dinner.

Old, crazy Nicodemus from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

Ha! I would be an all powerful God, so I could choose to live out all the characters you guyz picked and more…okay so I cheat :stuck_out_tongue:

what if you already are a fictional character?

Edmond Dantes

Dorian Grey

Nakor the Blue Rider from the books by Raymond Feist

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Soo, many from the realm of science fiction, c’mon, please don’t tell me i’m the only athlete/jock on this forum!?

I think i gotta be Neil Fraser from Edward McCourt’s lesser known Music at the Close. Probably because he acheived true enlightenment of life, although it was at his death lol.

Edmond Dantes from the book or the movie. Remember even though the book, like usual, was better. The movie Dantes had a more happy ending. At least I think.

The movie was the worst movie I had ever seen!! I absolutly hated it! Piece of shit ruined one of my fav. books!! No from the book, may the movie burn in hell! :evilfun:

Great to see such passion. The little I knew about the story came from that movie about the four kids in Hells Kitchen that killed some guy after trying to steal a hot dog. But in a conversation three months ago in the desert with a friend that just read the book, I realized how lacking the movie was.

I’ve heard that Dantes in the book was a lot more vengeful.

Ah! Ha! If you chose that, you’d lose, BIG TIME! Because then you’d be living the life of God or the one ordained for you as God, in which case you would not be able to enact out even one human character. So you see your cheating will come to nothing. I suggest you don’t cheat and just be satisfied with little because then atleast you will have something :wink:

My choice of fictional character would be to choose Dr. Jekyll’s because then I can be Mr. Hyde too and so I’d be both good and bad. As the good I’d be Jane in Emily Bronte’s Jane Eyre and as the bad I’d figure out who is responsible for what and write proclamations or in other words as the bad I’d really be just! This way my dear Gadfly of ILP I’d be the one getting everything, hehehe! :smiley:


E who?

Apocalypse off X-Men definitely! he has every power imaginable and has a class voice

Dude, comics! Rock!

Not a bad idea. And here I was sifting through my store of literature, when the real answers lie elsewhere.


I’d like to be Exodus or Mister Sinister.

Or, I could optionally choose to be Rachel Summers (with Phoenix and all, and it’d probably be interesting to be female) or someone cosmic like Firelord. I mean, yeah, he’s an arse, but he’s an arse with style and the power cosmic.

Maybe Adam Warlock, or Doom from Doom 2099.

So many choices…

lol, now you’re thinking. i aint into the comics as much as i am into the cartoons, guess that’s why im missin some plot lines in me head, check this out if you are reminissing over classic characters: maveldirectory.com

I would probably be a dark elf from the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, for I think it would be cool to have red eyes, elven ears, and be able to live for thousands of years (barring accidents, homicide, disease, etc.).

Why would you be like an elf? An elf works but a Santa just delivers and walks away with all the gratitude, applause and thanks, which I think is UNFAIR! Wouldn’t you want some recognition or at least thanks for your work that you did for others for free? If you didn’t desire that I’d say you’re unfair to yourself.

I didn’t mean to criticise Santa Claus but he’s different from the Saint Nicholus of yester years who worked hard himself and helped. A one night’s work of free delivery by Santa Claus does not in any way outweigh 365 days of hard labour done by the elves. He walks away with all the credit and the elves with none. This is just similar to ‘5% of the population being millionaires billionaires out there and the other 95% working hard and making them so.’ This nonsense must stop. :laughing: