If you can be a fictional character...

Ha! I would be an all powerful God, so I could choose to live out all the characters you guyz picked and more…okay so I cheat

Ha, in which “fiction” did you see the fictional character God? :slight_smile:

Bugs Bunny. No doubt about it.

  1. Dude Morrowind! how cool somebody referenced morrowind!

  2. Enoch is in Genesis (If I remember correctly, and pardon me I am not protestant and cannot give you chapter and verse. I am a Wolf Catholic I know enough straight up biblical verse to fight, but I cannot quote verbatim - Enoch is found between the Cain and Abel story and the Flood) He’s like the great great grandson of Adam. At the age of like 325 he walked with God and was seen no more by his people.

I’d probably be Qui-Gon Jinn. After all this time, the Jedi still are the coolest fictional characters I can think of. I’d really only pick Qui-Gon because his lightsaber was green, my favorite color if my screenname hasn’t tipped you off already.

A close second would be almost any character that’s immortal. I really wish I could live forever. Q of Star Trek TNG is so powerful I think it would almost be cheating to pick him. but you know, something that doesn’t have to worry about feeding the worms one day.

Awesome. Though the only thing I’d fear about being a dark elf is its society. I’d be Drizzt Do’Urden if I was to be a dark elf. Or one of the characters from Salvatores books.

I’d like to be spider man because there is nothing like web slinging and spiders are awesome. Or venom or carnage.

Link from the zelda games is awesome.

Darth maul except alive.

Maybe harry potter. Only because of the world really. The whole wizards having their whole secret society is awesome.

Certain powers I’d love to try out and certain worlds I’d love to live in but I think those are the coolest.