If you could choose the way you will die...

what would you choose?

"If you squeeze my lizard
I’ll put my snake on you
I’m a romantic adventure
And I’m a reptile too

But it don’t make no difference
'cos I ain’t gonna be, easy, easy
the only time I’m easy’s when I’m
Killed by death
Killed by death
Killed by death
Killed by death…" -Lemmy


Nuclear explosion.

In my sleep while I’m dreaming about immortality.

Something dramatic and awe-inspiring. So in other words not sure. But I do know that my funeral should be a celebration of my life and not a pity party.

something like the final scene in scarface…say hello to may little friend…

or from the shock of orgasm

Cryogenic preservation.

Circulate glycerine, gimmee the rapid-cooling, and stash me. My spirit can come back to the ice-box now-and-then, to scan that old matter for memories.



Okay, fuck that…

Fighting a heroic battle against incredible odds…

This one has been in the works for a while.

Ingredients :
1 Gas can, filled with gas of course
Pockets full of black cats
5 lengths of piano wire, ranging from 20M to 50M long
75M tall bridge that overhangs a busy highway (there are quite a few of them in toronto)

Tie oen end of piano wire to multiple parts of your body, for the sake of the pain, tie the shortest one around your neck. Walk up to the top of the bridge, and tie the other ends to the bridge. With firecrackers stuffed in your sockes, pockets, taped to your chest, ect (more is more, in this case), take a bath in the gasoline. Light yourself on fire, jump over the bridge, the rest will be history. How funny would it be to drive under an overpass with dangling alit limbs?

How have you chosen to live? May be more insightful.

Sorry bout that.

A painless death, going to sleep and not waking.

On my feet, snorting at the sun like a horse, as Zorba did.

saving someone else :smiley:

funny, I was thinking about this today riding my bike.

I think the best way to die would be while skateboarding, which is what I love to do. I’d be skateboarding really fast around a pipe or something and then I just slip back and hit my head, and that would be it.

I would die while in bliss, and those around me would know I died being in love with life.

If I couldn’t do that, I would love to jump off the grand canyon and float for a while, that would be my 2nd choice.

During sex, banging two Playboy playmates on my 5,000th birthday.

LSD overdose.

It’s damn near impossible so I figure the I’d likely just become a transdimensional being with cool avatars.

Kick ass.

That sounds like a new version of “the Big Bang theory”.

=D> =D>