If you keep voting, all things will end up in the negative..

If you keep voting, all things will end up in the negative…

mathematically if you have an approximately equal fluctuating duality, like e.g. Scotland’s independence or stay/leave the Eu, then each time you do that you increase the chances of the negative vote winning.
Eventually, and in all cases where the parties are of similar proportions, you will be left in the negative camp. I can’t see Scotland being as eager to join back into the UK if they leave, and I don’t see why it isn’t the decision for all Britons and not just them to decide to divide the island.

In some ways, democracy is just plain stupid, and I am afraid it was a mistake to have the EU referendum in the first place. …and here is why:

people think that vast numbers of low paid workers wont be able to [and visibly cannot] fund a respective proportional amount of hospitals, schools and other resources. Which is a deficit.
That e.g. Polish workers send some of their wages to Poland increasing their economy. Also a deficit.
What they haven’t taken into account is that the ‘growth engine’ [how it all works, capitalism etc], is rolling along all the throughout the process. That Poland’s increased wealth increases the EU’s wealth and customer market values, then traders etc in the city of London financial district make utility of all that, comprising I think around 25% of the nations wealth. So Poland, + the EU + Britain + the world, has all been benefiting, rubbing out those deficits with mathematical precision.


RIght. It’s like a travelling salesman going around town, asking if you want him to poop in your lawn. Eventually, if he asks around enough, eventually someone might vote him to poop in your lawn. All done through “democracy” and the illusion of free choice.

I think people should stop voting, and then all people will be forced to change their behaviour; voting allows the usual routines to continue, and thus the ability of territorial greed, and nations to exist.