If you know anything about computers please help me...

Two quick questions for ya…

  1. Whenever I go to a new website or page a little box pops up which makes me answer it before the page loads. It says…

Internet Explorer:
Do you want to allow software such as ActiveX controls and plug-ins to run?
Yes No

How do I fix this? It is really annoying.

  1. I am done with porn forever. I know there are two memory areas (for lack of a better term) where I can delete my history. Actually there may be more. I only know how to delete the “short term” stuff my going to “Tools” ----> “Internet Options” ----> Browsing History “Delete” etc…

How do I make sure that every area on my computer is safe?

Please help me. If you know anything that will help I wwould much appreciate some input.

Download Mozilla Firefox. Install Mozilla Firefox. Use Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer is for losers.

Please help me

Rebel is helping you.

i dont understand

Active-X is evil. IE is evil.


Firefox is just a ‘browser’ it’s what you view the internet with, internet explorer is just a browser but provided by Microsoft which is why you don’t know what Firefox is. Just google mozilla firefox, download, install, no more nonsense.

Theoretically if that wasnt an option what would I do?

Kill yourself.

I don’t know. I never have any internet problems so other than recommending the solution I’m out of ideas. :ugeek:

How will that solve anything? I dont want my mom finding porn from her dead son on her computer.

He’s dead - Sad

…and he’s a little pervert whos in hell right now - Sad

Why do you want my mom to feel that pain?

You must have your security settings set for “Prompt for Active-X”, which (Active-X, that is, not the setting) is probably required for ads on the pages you are loading. Go to Control Panel. I have mine set in “Classic” (Windows 98 and earlier). Click “Internet Options”. Then click the “Security” tab. Look for “Active-X controls and plug-ins”. Is the “automatic prompting for Active-X controls” enabled? If it is, then disable it.

At least I think that’s what’s wrong.

Try it and let us know.

Holy shit I love you. Im working on it right now. Ill let you know.

IT WORKED!!! I have been having that window pop up every new page for the past 6 months. Thanks so much.

If you know how to delete long term internet history please let me know. If you dont thanks anyway. You’re awesome.

My pleasure.

As to wiping your hard drive, take a look at Download.com. They might have a utility you can grab. Or you can buy one at Staples. I don’t think they cost too much. Windows Disk Cleanup might help as well. That should be "All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup.

If it’s internet history, wouldn’t it be better to just go to control panel > internet options > clear history & clear cookies, you also have the option to set how many days history is stored e.g. 0 days. Pervert.

You are a great person.

Rebel - that should do it. But maybe, just maybe it won’t. Even after emptying the cache, a rogue image of god-knows-what might just stick around somewhere - lurking ever so furtively, until the day that Maynard’s mom has the irresistible urge to see just what Maynard’s been up to.

haha it’s true, most likely chance of something cropping up is when your computer breaks and you’ve got to go get it repaired. Been there done that :laughing: I bet they see loads of weird shit :sunglasses:

CCleaner and Cleanup are good for deleting the crap that every page likes to download onto your computer. Your first run of either will usually clear more than a gig of hard drive space. The space-freeing comes in handy when you start installing something and realize that you haven’t got enough room on your drive, and have to scramble madly to find some way to free up a hundred megabytes of before the installer runs out of space.