if you wanted to

A human carries (if you don’t think so, it easily could) all the genetic information necessary to live forever, so why wouldn’t it? If the objective was only to remain alive, evolution would not be neccessary; unless you are someone that believes the human race and the rest of life will in fact never die. Due to current trends, i believe every animal/thing eventually becomes deceased; depleates itself of energy. So, what kind of control do you pretend to have over yourself?

Not much.

It’s interesting because recent studies have shown that nutrition doesn’t play as much of a role in the aging process as we thought it once did. I’m not going to get into it too much right here, but basically the theory postulates that your state of mind determines cell characteristics much more than what you take in, so long as you get the energy it doesn’t appear to matter as much anymore… what it is your eating, so long as you truly believe you are healthy, and will continue to be that way. This mindset is obviously easier said than done, but the observer in all of us appears to be capable of affecting the way our bodies operate.

Our bodies regenerate their cells every 7 years or so, if you are in the right mindset, the next group of cells will not show too much a sign of aging than someone who is constantly stressed, and conscientious of appearance and age.

So to extrapolate on what you said, perhaps if we were born with no concept of death… it would never become us?

I wonder when the day will come that we will allow controled experiments as such. People ususally go insane without interaction, but it wouldn’t need to be humans. You could dress people up in suits and make a fanciful worlds; and keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t turn out like the Truman Show… that Jim Carry movie. But the people in the suits could live forever, as long as you just changed their body. It’s not like it would have to be a cruel endevor…

I feel like with the invention of some type of VR matrix type thing, be it for the gaming business or scientific research… it’s going to blow the lid off the whole mind body scenario. Say you write a program (or get a comp to do it for you) which would mimic our world, only it would be rigged so that the user’s sense of strength is quadrupled. By studying the effects on the brain this could perhaps be the key for advancing to uberman

If not, HELLO VIRTUAL SEX… goodbye wife