Ignorance is Bliss

After more than 60 yrs. of studying all the facts, discoveries, truths, laws,
science, philosophy, religion, spirituality, hypotheticals, opinions,
theories, and listening to my own intuition and imagination,
I have decided to adopt a basic, simple, personal philosophy:

I don’t know and have decided not to care how it all began, how or why
everything works together so perfectly or how or if it all will end.

I have decided to simply experience and enjoy Now - this second of
my Human Experience - without polluting the present with the
non-existant past or future.

Whether Now lasts one more second or 50 years doesn’t matter.

I Am - Now

Philosophy can be good at first, but it can turn into a big waste of time.

That time could have been spent in other ways that could be more fruitful.

So being full of fruit is more profound than Philosophy?
Chewing an apple helps me think…

One should always think of ways to turn obsessions into profit, if it can’t be done, then get a new obsession.

Capitalist swine! Philosophy is the way to prosperity!

Acting when you don’t know what is wrong and what is right is detrimental.

Why is it when profit is mentioned folks automatically think it means only cash? :laughing:

Why is it that you though I thought you was referring only to cash? :smiley:

What obsessive acts don’t gain anything ?

No I don’t want to turn this into a nothing vs something argument…

“Simplicity is bliss”, is what I must say.
Ignorance may at times reveal the simple clarity and fluent ease of simplicity, but ignorance is not blissful itself.

If truth causes man anguish, his body was not meant for it. Instead his life and biology was built around something other than “the truth”, and for its reason/purpose, not truth’s.

Wull Dannerz, (I still have a love affair with your rabbit avi)

Simple minds are ignorant. And just perhaps, truth is too much for man. He doesn’t exactly survive it; we must all bite the dust.

Truth does not exist - only opinion.

Wow. That was insightful. You’ve changed my life, delbolt.

Cool!!! One convert, soon a religion…
Happy Thanksgiving

That statement defined itself as an opinion - in my opinion…

Well lets see you used the word capitalist! :laughing: Now if I am not mistaken a Capitalist is normally thought of for monetary profit only. Yes, I am one but, not all profit is monetary.

Obsessive acts that don’t gain any thing, Cracking knuckles, picking noses , voyeurism/ peeping Tom/ette, pealing labels Washing hands after touching anything. Gads the lists of obsessive behaviors goes on. All useless except to relieve an imaginary stress perhaps. Relief is not gain. Well ,not normally, there is one relief that gains you 21 yrs raising a human :laughing:

I think that something vs. nothing argument is getting covered quite well over there, don’t you? :laughing:

I’m stealing this for my ‘qoutes’ file.

No need to steal - if it resonates you already own it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

the ignorant don’t get the joke


This is true.

Tortoise - I respect your opinion - Happy Thanksgiving!

Death is bliss.