I have heard repeated arguments of the illusion our mind creates of the world, such as nothing exists as I see it.
So I brought logic to the table and he said to me, “Now, Visereth, Why would you see it in the first place if it did not exist?”
So then I questioned myself on why do we see things if they are not really like that. Such as a tree, I see a tree and just about everyone around the world will describe the tree just as I do, deducing the fact that we are all have a mass-delusion, or the tree really is what it appears to be.
If the tree really was not what it appears to be, then why would I not see it like that instead?

if all humans are made in the same mould, and have the same brain stucture and similar DNA, surely it stands to reason that if there were to be illusion, a maya or phenomena of some sort that it would be experienced en masse. more importantly take someone who is deaf, or even just colourblind, they experience a different world to you, a different sound, a different sight, different touch, the illusion isn’t world wide the same, but similar, like our DNA nd our brains…
“Now, Visereth, Why would you see it in the first place if it did not exist?”
i can’t explain that, however, natural selection, because our senses developed that way, would that explain it? or a matrix scenario, that would definitely explain why we saw what was not true, we are programmed that way, God could explain it to, he wanted the world to appear to us as it does. perhaps because it is human nature, we see what we want to see, everybody looks looks at a painting and sees something different, it means something different, is it not the same with life…
just some thoughts

go visit Plato’s cave…


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Everything exists (Dis-crediting this “The Matrix” theory), as long as theres a sixth, seventh, ect. sense. Thats concerning the world you live in, belong to, love, ect.


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Actually, I have just finished reading about Hume and Kant, on this subject it seems as if Kant is on my side, seeing as knowledge is not all based on experience because if it were, there would be no knowledge at all.
Therefore our senses ‘interpret’ the data the world gives us, which is what actually is.