Picking up from Ben’s meeting thread, let’s brainstorm on ILP’s evolution.
Over the next few decades financially stable technocrats in free societies (like us) will be beneficiaries to genetic, robotic, information and nanotechnology growth spurts. In the realm of information, processing speeds and bodily interfaces will mean new possibilities. Biotechnologies could improve health, longevity, humor, intellect and curiousity. In ten years EVERYONE will be part of a virtual society…we have a head start , and its a good thing! In thirty years, life expectancy may be 200 years. And in 100 years, death may be obsolete. If you’re reading this, there’s a plausible chance you’ll live a thousand years. So take your vitamins, wear your seatbelt. And start forming the seeds of your perennial posse! That’s where ILP comes in. This thread is about ideas. Baby steps. I’ll start, some are rehashed as examples.

  1. Section for visual art, drawings.
  2. Podcast/mp3 of original music and oratory
  3. Mission sections – where rubber meets road. Members organize guerilla philosophical action initiatives and devise ways to put ideas to work in the real world…??
  4. With an internet connection and an XBOX 360 we will be able to play against each other…every man for himself, or make teams. I think they can allow up to 50 players at the same time! You may not like video games, but what if, in a few years, there were intellectual adventure games encompassing philosophical courage and ingenuity, history, geography, arts, communication, strategy?

Bluesky folks…

That’s a fun post. I enjoyed the idea of biotech improving our humor. I would enjoy getting say an Italian comedy graft.

Here’s some more:

A MyILP section…

• A button which allows users to store certain posts into a personal archive for future reference…
• Ability to organize by length, kind, author, ability to print hardcopies of full threads for reading.
• A blind rating system. Users have the option to rate every post they read in several categories, including clarity, logic, style, manner. Ratings are stored in a database. This might provide insentive to strive to meet a certain criteria in posts in some of the more academic or serious topics.

Adlerian, glad to provide yet more fun. I am a real fun machine. Adlerian and others…don’t post unless you have additional ideas.

Ok, if you aren’t going to entertain the idea of my Italian Comedy genetic graft, then I have some other suggestions.

A google add device could be place on the database to determine the psycological/philosophical bend of the site. This would allow all of us, and potential users, a good glimpse of our inner being and intentions.

Gamer, alot of what you’re suggesting can be done on… However, I really think you’ve got some great ideas at where we can take the future of this site to. It would take more money and more maintenance to operate, but it could be done. would evolve into a Philosophical Media Hub, attracting peoples from all over to share their insights in life through various mediums of expression.

Still… for this to happen, it would require alot of money. Do you have any ideas as to how to generate this money? I’m sure Ben would be open to the idea of expanding and evolving ILP to the next level if the financial aspect were within his grasp.

Hey Gamer,

I can buy your take on the revolution, and its exciting to think about the possibilities. Hopefully, ILP could be the start of something larger than what the net represents at the moment.

There is one little fly in the ointment. I didn’t talk about it in Ben’s thread because I had already rained on the parade as it were. I think that we need to face up to the one thing that kills virtual action: We’re lazy. Too damned lazy to do more than sit and stare at the screen pounding away on a keyboard that doesn’t know how to spell or type. That’s us. A social club? Pretty much. But it fits into our laziness, and so we do that. Philosophy? Occasionally. Philosophizing? Constantly. Every once in a while there is a glimmer of thinking going on - in all of us. But mostly it’s the regurgitation of what were were thinking yesterday, or the day before, or … I’d love to see the virtual seminar with a handful of people, sweat beading up on scrunched foreheads, fighting to get to meta meta meta…

The dilemma is getting past our willingness to just sit here and throw out glosses. (I’m one of the worst offenders)

So, it seems to me that the first order of business is to come up with a plan of action to get everyone, or at least a simple majority, off our dead butts and actually do something besides blah, blah, blah…

Sorry, I don’t mean to turn this into a rant, but I think we need to be honest about what is happening, and look at what is likely…


It’s great to encourage productivity and seeking of potential. Maybe we can personalize this to each user…a progress report, growth status…personal goals. It’s a society…not a seminar. But I disagree about the laziness. Rather than have a standard of right conduct, why not reserve judgement, or recognize our “passivity” as a crucial, healthy and natural part of our transformation? Shooting the bull is natural and integral to self-awareness.
Glosses are like the ants antennae, feeling its way toward useful discourse. The end goal is learning from history, and history of ideas is a big part of that. Philosophy is what binds this community.

One way we could make some money to fund this project could be as follows:

We set up a section named something like “Commercial Philosophy” where we could talk about the effectiveness of different commercials, ads, etc. I don’t know about you guys… but I always do this watching tv… I’ll critique the ads as a way to escape the boredom of actually watching them subserviently.

There are companies that will pay you money to watch ads, if we could somehow incorporate this into the website so that in the discussion you see, watch an ad… and the money goes to the site instead of to an individual. I know this seems like no one would want to do it… but I gauruntee that some ads are just too stupid or hilarious not to talk about. You know you get a little bored so you just click on the ad secton… so see what’s going on there, we all have to watch ads… we might as well do it together to further the site.

As well, like I’ve learned to do… it excersizes your mind so that you are not simply just taking in the will of the corporate dictators… but also questioning it. And… I’m starting to ramble

But yeah… if we want to really expand on what’s going on here and get a head start on the up and coming technological rush… this might provide at least a little more cash for Ben to work with.

Cash is not a problem. Ben can simply begin building ancilliary services in addition to the free ones, and charge for them.

Here’s another idea long overdue…

As a service to the public, there is a personas section. A place where you can ask question to actual philosophers like Socrates, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, etc. Philosophers’ Magazine has Dear Socrates column, it would be like that but more personal. Here’s the rub:

Whomever was awarded the task of portraying one of the famous Philosophers will have had to demonstrate over time to ben that he/she has an interest and background in the philosopher. Also, they need to demonstrate a grasp of the writing idiom of the philosopher, by not just reviewing texts, but published letters and memoirs. All responses will need to be sufficiently researched and continuously plausible.

So we’d be providing a means for people to communicate directly with some of the best minds of history…in a virtual sense. It’s a bit of a gimmick, but I bet it would reinvigorate it for some people. Also, if the list was thirty long, it would be really fun to get answers from the genuine article.


[size=200]i want a visual arts section!![/size]

i want one now! stomps feet and screams

Not to be just a wet blanket…

How many people can be in a web conference at one time? The idea of taking a single philosopher, or concept and having a joint chat could begin to push us places we haven’t gone. The need to think on our feet might be a new experience. The immediacy would stretch most of us.

We could use some identifiers that go beyond ‘legend’. Periodic peer polls to confer not just status, but responsibilities as well. You want to be a ‘gem’? Good. you lead the next discussion group.

Why not a formal debating forum with teams debating issues and judged by the forum at large? That could certainly elevate the level of discourse. Debated issues could result in spin-off threads with a bit more serious content.

I suspect that the list of possibles is pretty near endless. Hopefully, one or two ideas presented in this thread will reach the action stage.


how often do we use the irc chat room?


i can never get into it, and since i am the totality of everything-never. :smiley:

You really do have a high opinion of yourself. However I’m not going to criticise you, you might be a truly exceptional human and so this opinion might be justified.

nietzschean philosophy and beethovenian music are both areas that can give many, many fans many, many stuff to share and have fun with. exclusive clubs like those should be set up as webranches of the main ranthouse that is ilp. i’d be willing to manage the two clubs, and they’ll be places to really learn, connect and most important of all - have good fun - under my dazzling and mindblowing management. take beethoven: i’d start 32 threads for everyone of his piano sonatas for all faqns to input their reception; what’s more: i’d utilise all the possible new techniques that’ll be available, to allow ranters to hear and edit on each others’ variations on famouse themes such as the moonlight… for the nietzsche club: come in and stay for a couple of days, you’ll be kicking yourself over how come you still haven’t thought of also-spake-zarathustra should replace your bible.