ILP boards is the only reason I'm still alive.

It wasn’t horrendous. I finally overcame my fear of death and in the dream I was conscious enough to actually remember all the Hollywood meme’s that told me about how dying in a dream would make me die in real life.
So the dream was somewhat lucid, and I had the genuine belief I would die in real life, and I just let go, overcame my fear of death. It was actually quite a wonderful feeling.

But nothing happened I am still here.

To be more specific it was one of those flying dreams where I could fly up from the ground I got up to about 300 feet and just let myself…fall
It was one of the best feelings I ever had

Well it could all come to a tragic end, therefore some care is required. Art Linkletter, the TV hosts daughter, under the influence, not unlike being in a dream , thought she could fly. Spread her supposed wings and took flight from the top of building they lived in. Needless to say, the results were not desirable.
Those dreams, if they can be called that , often result in a bad contact with reality.

The precedence of thousands of years worth, of Icarus’s wings burned by the sun, should not be taken too lightly.

Just a word of caution, Trixi.

It is in the grand scheme of things but one can still give meaning to ones own

Can one really get blood out of a stone?

…and if she doesn’t feel that way? Do we begin with the Lie?

No because lying to someone as highly intelligent as Trixie is too much effort [ although I do not actually
lie myself so just saying ] Besides I have way too much respect for her to do such a thing even if I did lie

I was speaking about the below…which you said…

If she doesn’t believe this, feel this, how is it going to help her, even though you meant well but remember, hell can very well be paved with good intentions.
I was speaking of Trixie lying to herself - not you to her.

Now, if you actually do have so much respect for her, you will put your money where your mouth is, and that will be helpful to her. I’ve noticed from some of your posts that you do seem to like and care about her.
So your money and your mouth are in harmony.

Maybe I’m wrong about the mantra thingy though. But I do seem to intuit that we need to at least believe what we’re shouting to the heavens before any good can come from them (mantras).

BTW, intelligence and emotions can be seas apart. One may be highly intelligent and give into the lie. Emotions play a great part in our beliefs towards ourselves and things.

I’m surprised you feel such value of the forums.
Hopefully the mods will understand.


Can you hear the sounds of laughter coming from the cemeteries? They’re laughing at YOU! :evilfun:


Let’s not go throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Sir.
The outcome may be contrary to what we’re expecting but very often much better than what we’re expecting - at least if we pay attention and have the courage to ask: What are you trying to tell me? What are you trying to show me?
Our unconscious may be far wiser than our waking life is and it at times saves little pearls of wisdom for us and has beacons waiting to show us the way. … story.html

You’re so silly.