ILP gathering... again!!... urgent!!

Ok, essentially, we all want to have an ilp gathering in london sometime over the coming summer if possible, so could anyone who is interested please post their name, and also what dates-ish they’d be able to make it, and also whether or not they like mcdonalds.


more later


I’m in, sara. Early summer is better for me, but I’m flexible. There may be a time when airfares are a little lower - I don’t fly much, so I don’t know. But if that helps americanos and others to get there, we may want to keep that in mind. I can load up on the McDonalds before I go.

But I am repeating my request that, at some point, Ben gives a speech.

ok well if you have a look into airfares then we can try and make this as inexpensive to you as possible, and there are plenty mcdonalds in london :wink:



… anyone?

Sure, I’ll prolly go.

That is… provided we’re not in some third world war that has the planet on lockdown.

(don’t worry i won’t be as pessimistic in person)

Sarax, I’d love to, but I’m 17 and have no money for airfair. I’d really like to take part in one of these gatherings but I can’t travel so far yet.

i’m sorry to hear that gecota, if this ones a success hopefully we’ll be able to have one when you can come!!!

OG i’m glad i can add you to my lists-ish are you a UK person, and also whenw ould be the best time for you?


Gobbo, your in California, right?


No I live in Canada – Halifax, Nova Scotia, to be exact.

Any time would be alright, I guess later in the summer would be preferable though.

For some reason I thought California, I guess I’m thinking of someone else, sorry. :blush:

meh… no sweat :smiley:

Sod London - it’s overcrowded and overpriced. Have the meet’ in Leicester :slight_smile:

chimney, can you make it to london? would you like to come, and do you have a date you’d prefer?

I could get to London without too much trouble, but I don’t think I know enough people well enough here to justify going. I’d go if it was on my doorstep, but I wouldn’t want everyone to come to me just because of me.

Or at least not in London…

lol, well chimney that’s your decision. SIATD you are just being difficult, London is hardly on my doorstop guys, but it’s probably just about the easiest place in the Uk for everyone to get to

so can people just tell me if they are coming, and if they have any dates that’d make it easier,

London isn’t really up for discussion, although venues etc are.

thank you


Would you let us know as soon as you have a date established?

I’d be more inclined to come if it were in early Autumn.


chimney - I would suggest that you would know people better if you came. Then you wouldn’t have that as an excuse the next time.

sara - speaking of venues - is there any thought about opening night ceremonies? I think there should be opening-night ceremonies. It seems that a group of this type could come up with some ceremony. I would be happy to read a Werklempter translation.

We could vote on an official ILP drinking game. We seem to be collecting some nominations over on MB right now. I haven’t read that thread, but I’m sure there is a good one in the bunch.

Group pictures can be taken.

Public urination laws could be reviewed for the benefit of the americans.

I’m sure that siatd could be convinced to give a short talk on almost anything.

Favorite rants could be read.

Plans could be made.

Come on, people - you can come up with something.

i see your point about just picking a date and asking people. But if i pick a date then people will be like oh i can’t make that date and nothing will be accomplished so i’m just tring to get a better feel for what good dates are.

all i know is i can’t do the 31st august till the 7th september.

i guess weekends would be better for most people.

so… i guess any weekend between now and october is good, although obviously next weekend wouldnt be fantastic


Balls to that. If I’m giving a talk, I’m making it a long one. Primarily composed of a tedious self-congratulatory narrative that is mostly fictional, and a lengthy account of my very best posts on ILP.