ILP Hits go through the roof!

Just had a look at the usage statisitics of and was gratified to see that we had the highest hit count we’ve ever had last month by over 1000 hits! There was a bit of a dip in numbers in the previous months (calm before the storm?) but at moment we’re averaging about 4000 individual hits a month. Not bad eh?

As has always been the case, continues to be a non-profit organisation and this is how we want it to stay. We are in the process of organising merchandise and also offering a way for members to donate to ILP via PayPal. This is not because ILP will die without donations, just in case anyone felt the need to give back to the community then the offer is always there :wink: Look out for the both of those in the near future!

Other than that, Happy Posting!

Hussar for !!!

It has indeed been an active month. Can we all try and go one step further for December (usually a particularly active month, just look at the archives if you need evidence) and make the website explode in a great Christmas think-fest!

Tell all your curious friends who are willing to learn and teach to sign up, and lets make give 2003 a big ending.

I think half of those hits were made by me and Marshall!! :smiley:

Live long and prosper jizzle my nizzle.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :smiley: LOL :smiley: :laughing: :laughing:

That is awesome! I see a tatoo out of that!

you make me wonder sometimes Marshall. :wink:

If i were a solipsist, i would say that i am quintessential coolness in a toga :unamused: