It was inevitable. I’ll start…


Height: 6’5’’
Weight: 750 lbs
Strength: 85,000 tons
Dress: Yellow robe, dark sunglasses
Hair: Afro
Powers: Disintegration laser emanates from his Magic Hammer. The Hammer can also be used to reanimate the dead. When Dunamis (Jimmy Jones) was a child, his father, Professor Buell of NASA, forced him to build a TV set from scratch with parts from Radio Shack and junkyards soddered together. Jimmy was not allowed to consult a manual. While building the TV set an electrical spark went into Jimmy’s brain forcing him to recite entire episodes of 700 Club and My Three Sons. Afterwards he fell into a deep trance. Upon awakening he became Dunamis, a philosopher of uncommon strength. His Magic Hammer was given to him by Ben, Lord Of The Overworld. Dunamis’ Hammer allows him to travel into deep space without a space suit, and also let’s him transport himself into a quantum state where he conducts field research on the fabric of the cosmos. He has mastered 12O languages and is chaotic good.


Do Bob, Gamer.

Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Strength: wordcount x5 = tons
Dress: Chameleonic.
Hair: Chameleonic
Powers: Born in a metaphysical plane inhabited by the intangible ideas born from the creative effect Gamer has developed metaphorical superpowers which enable him to attack without warning or detection. His mastery of the game theory allows him to easily toy with the boundaries and rules of our world. His special attack ‘microphone keyboard’ is a relentless rhetoric assault in which his opponant must roll brain save to avoid being stunned for 3 posts.

I think this thread is hilarious… I refuse to let it die.

I’ll post another later…