ILP ranks 2nd in Google!

Crack open those metaphorical champagne bottles, ILP has reached a new milestone in its history! Doing a search for “philosophy forums” in Google lists ILP as the second site just under which is by far the biggest forums on the net. This is no mean feat since it is 2nd out of a total of 4,860,000 sites. Maybe one day we’ll be number 1 :wink:

We Rule!! :sunglasses:


I think this is the Best site for discussion because we have more freedom to express our opinion. Even those that the moderators disagree with.

I know no different, so how can i say how ‘great’ this site if i cannot compare it with another? :stuck_out_tongue:

It appears the aggressive marketing strategy of handing out flyers at strip clubs and places of sin is finally paying off.

Congratulations! I’ve rarely posted anywhere else myself. I’ll never win my bet now!

Awesome!!! :smiley:

I checked a long time ago. And it wasn’t up there yet.


Perhaps this explains the explosion of newer faces hanging around here (I say that like I have been here any significant amount of time heh).

And Marshall, I have been thinking about your bet… you were neck and neck for a while… even pulled ahead at some point didn’t you?

No! Don’t wish for no.1 because from there, there is only one way to go and that is down! Right now, you’re at the best place because you anticipate. But at the top you’ll fear so it’s better to be here!

Congratulation to……

I am proud to be a part of it somehow……

Wraaaaaahhhh I just wish I don’t get ban in here….

Hello, moderator. This would be the best site if you didn’t find that sometimes, someone intentionally try to bother you, just because they decided to be aggressive.

We’re working on that, we try to help people grow past there childish antics… so we give them a little time to reform before banning them. But if you have a problem with anybody send me PM or any of the other mod’s a PM about the person in question and if possible a sample post so we can keep an eye on them.

“Don’t mind Uniqor. He’s just shooting for the forum record of the most pointless threads started by a single member. History in the making.”

Fly on the wall, wrote this, without engaging in any kind of argument with me at the time. He told out his opinion for sure, it just really bothers me.
“History in the making”, this is just what I’m talking about.

Laughable. Indeed I said that. I don’t take back one word.

If I get temp banned to be “reformed”, you might as well permanently ban me. I wont come back to a forum where you get banned for stating opinions.

This isn’t “I Love Opinions” it’s “I Love Philosophy”! as such in the main forums this is what we are trying to cultivate. When posting to the Philosophy forum it’s about discussing philosophy in a fun and open way. We’re not trying to censure any body’s way of expressing themselves, so long as they stay on topic, your reply was just an attempt at cheap comedy.

Ban, it’s a little early for that now… but just know… We’re watching! :evilfun:

I agree, BeenaJain.

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Take it real easy now, mate.