ILP Rap Battle 2024

I agree. Are you stepping into the ring, @Ichthus77 ? I’m down to participate, moderate, judge, whatever.


I think the second one went better, the first one was too much diss-rap (my fault, things improved after @Impious called me out on it); choosing topics in advance helped with that. Specific topics should depend on who’s involved, it’s pretty hard to write a rap about a specific topic so it matters a lot that it’s something about which the participants have something to say.

Picking beats made it so each round could be a single track, so we could do what @Jakob and I did and pick beats we like, or if someone is interested in making beats someone could play DJ. I also liked how it made the lyrics the focus, so we weren’t being judged on beat (my beats were poor; I should not play DJ, but will if asked).

Tag anyone who might be interested to make sure they see this. Unforutnately I don’t think @Impious or @Jakob are still frequenting the site, though I’d love to be wrong about that. @MagsJ played host before, maybe she’d like a more active role? Sounds like @Ichthus77 has something to say. @HumAnIze and @PZR/@Pedro_I_Rengel might be interested (PZR is currently suspended, but he’ll get the notice when he comes back). Who else? If there are multiple takers, we could change up the format, run a tournament or drop an album or something.

From here: @Fixed_Cross (aka too many to list), @promethean75, @Parodites, @Mr_Reasonable. @Ecmandu said he can’t rap but it’s been a minute, maybe he’s been practicing.

I ever say I can rap?


I don’t recall you saying that you can’t

This feels like a skill that I should probably develop. Unfortunately, I have not yet done that. However, I will keep it in my brain.

I’ont rap, bro
But i do smoke promo with
hos on noDoz
in the back of limos
when i ride through Reno


niggas tryda flex
But they end up
with nada

a promethasarus rex
cuz my beats hit much harder

niggas say that I’m the best
I’m like ‘thank u, de nada’

If she textin me for sex
Imma tell her that I’ll barter

If she trippin on her ex
Imma tell her that I’m smarter

like a snake charmer
or jimmy carter
the peanut farmer
I got good karma
not bad karma
like Big pharma

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^^^ I’m re-releasing this joint after six edits.

I used Suno to make these lyrics into songs:

Style: “Cerebral rap”

Style: “Old-school rap”

^^^ That might be the illest shit i ever heard. U awready know.

Hard no on use of the “n word” unless you’re actually black. I can’t enjoy this without that as a ground rule.

I also object to referring to any sex, race, or disadvantaged group in any derogatory or exploitative way.

I prefer sticking to philosophy like the previous rap battle.

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I was a little surprised that Suno let that through, I was half expecting it to reject the lyric or bleep it or something.

But I agree; I try to rap in something close to my normal language, and I don’t say “n***a”.

It makes sense that people tend to imitate the slang and subject matter of popular rap, because those have come to define the art form as we most often experience it. But rap slang began as the normal language that other people use, and the topics are topics that concerned them: black urban youth rap in black urban slang; young men rap about power and sex. Jay-Z used to rap while he was selling drugs to keep himself sharp, so no surprise that he wrote some lyrics about drugs.

But suburban kids rapping in those words about those topics feels like a cargo-cult of rap, copying the forms as though they are what makes it rap. I used to do it too, but it felt dishonest. I’m a white nerd who’s into philosophy, I try not to pretend otherwise.

It’s easy to step on toes without intention. But, once the deed is done, you are very mindful of the toes. On using the “n word” … Eminem:

It’s being respectful to not say the whole word. [Said in the accent of Eminem. When he’s rapping.]

It is a source of entertainment for me to encourage youngns to rap freeform and watch them struggle not to cuss in front of old people.


I swear a lot in everyday conversation. Thankfully now I’m old enough that I don’t care what my elders think of it. The real struggle is not doing it in front of my kids!

Eminem’s an interesting case. He got a lot of shit for appropriation etc., but he’s authentically rapping about the culture and circumstances he grew up in. Yeah, being white probably helped him get traction in the suburbs, but he’s not being dishonest the way I would be if I wrote some of his lyrics.

I respect his decision not to use the n-word, and I’m sure he’s thought about it more than most. But I’d also say that his decision is different from mine. I didn’t grow up in a culture where the n-word was in normal use, so it’s mostly not even a decision for me, it’s just not part of my vocabulary. For him, it’s something that his peers say all the time, both in rap and normal speech. For him it’s a real choice, and I’m not surprised he used it when he was younger. I doubt it was intended disrespectfully.


Admittedly the same for me. Except I try to avoid the F bomb around my mom, as she does not prefer it, and you don’t f*** with my mom.

I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would tell people to stop saying the N-word altogether. No matter what race they are. But… I could be wrong.

The one thing I did appreciate from that video is that he said just don’t be mean (paraphrase). As long as everybody is comfortable with saying a word in the same spirit that is not mean, I don’t have a problem with that. However, that is not the situation for a lot of people.

Just like I don’t drink in front of alcoholics. Not anymore.

Even though I don’t even drink on the regular, so, like you, it’s a choice for a different reason.

The last time I drank in front of an alcoholic was about the most retarded thing I ever did in my life. It’s hard to look back on that.

Eventually I’m going to stop saying retarded.

Is it May 6 yet. Let’s title this rap battle PZR’s Resurrection! ILP Rap Battle 2024

Man this clown’s tryna get like eighty for a quarter of some old ass mid grade that’s worth maybe fifty. My inner Ice T came out and i was like

No "subject," 52 bars, a capella

@PZR, if you go first and you tell me the general philosophy-like theme of your verse, OK. Otherwise I will make the theme of my response a Freudian psychoanalysis of you based on your verse.

52 bar acapella is bold and I accept, but I might use a metronome while I’m recording.
I have enough trouble staying on beat when there’s a beat.

I go first, I have the mp3 file here, I’m just having all sorts of problems deciding how to upload. Might I conceivably convince you to dl a torrent file?

I would invite you to respond to my verse in whatever way seems appropriate. I have no time demands.

It’s an oldschool battle. Rather than making it about philosophy, my question will be how do philosophers rap.