ILP Rap Battle 2024

Sounds like this philosopher is going to be doing some psychoanalysis on your punk ass.

Torrent’s fine by me, you can also send to if that’s easier.

Are you cool with me uploading the final cut to Soundcloud?

Yes I’m cool with it.

Rep your self cuz. Or do whatever.



By the way, I’ll post the lyrics after the track has been posted.

Fuck it holmes I sent the email.

I was sure there would be all sorts of snags trying to do that, but it seems to have gone smoothely

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Got it. I’ma need a week, and I apologize in advance.


It then is on.

Sorry for the delay, I tried to record it today but couldn’t get my mic working. Should have it tomorrow.

Worry not!

Time is not of the essence.

Combined track now on Soundcloud: ILP Acapella 2024 - PZR v. Carleas

Cheers, @PZR, that was fun. I hadn’t done acappella before, it’s an interesting medium.

Doesn’t quite scratch my itch for a rap battle with beats and topics, though.

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