ILP Sexual Orientation

What is your sexual orientation?

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transsexual
  • Pansexual
  • Open to other things but prefer straight relations
  • Open to other things but prefer alternative relations
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What is your sexual orientation?

What are your thoughts on the various sexual orientations?

Pansexual means one who is open to relations with all human types that are of age.
G,L,b, or T… and even hermaphrodite i guess…

I’m straight, but to each his/her own. I’m not in the habit of giving a shit about another person’s sexual orientation.

That’s funny, when I saw this I thought you were asking what the sexual orientation of the website itself was. Then I was gonna say, obviously it’s totally gay.

Sexuality though, I do have more to say but I didn’t like what I had written…[delete]… so I will save it for later.

Straight, Im attracted too the female form too much too ever be gay.
I’m pretty sure if I were a woman I’d be a Lesbian.

Same, unless their into animals,children or corpses then I’ll just have too put a stop too that, preferably fatally.

I tend to like disputing religious people’s discrimination of the gays, so I guess I am very liberal. I believe whatever you do in your bedroom between consensual gimp suited people who give me control of their breathing is okay by me.

This expression only makes sense if you say “if I were suddenly made a woman overnight,” otherwise I think you’d probably be straight most likely being born in as a woman and experiencing life as one will tend to favour the more “usual” sexual orientation. :wink:

Has any one ever seen the movie Zerophilia? It’s about a fictional, rare genetic disorder that causes it’s victim to change sex upon having an orgasm. Interesting exploration of sexuality.

Personally, I suppose I would identify as straight. But I only say that because I sexually pursue women, I have never attempted to sexually pursue a man. Not something I’m looking to try out either. I do think though, the relationships that I have with males are more emotionally involved then that of your “a-typical male”. I have a prevalent feminine side that is apparent if you get to know me. Very empathetic, very playful. No reason to hide that I’m totally queer.



whoa, honey badgers are hardcore, i had no idea

Believe dat.

Hilarious… this guy should read the news.


I think the straightness would be the carry-over as opposed to the attraction to women. All other things equal, had I been born a woman, I’d probably still be straight.

I’ve thought about that before and I think it would be true for a lot of people, but not me.

When I used to watch porn a lot of the male/female ones grossed me out, all that gagging facials bull shit.

I’d just watch the lesbian ones because it’s a lot more sensual and a lot less disgusting.

I’m as straight as a rubber band

[size=80](after you cut it and stretch the ends out far apart).[/size]


No gays??

Are you gay?

I believe Brevel Monkey is gay, I guess he has yet to enter this thread.