im a telepathic or tuner

im a telepathic or honer as i call it and been doing since march 24 2008 im 80% pure telepathic i can tune(hone) others from 30 miles away

its actually 1 group in a distant location its actually since May 17 since i been honingi swear im 93 pure

its actually been May 17 since ive been honing

so why did you post about it here?
there’s only around 3 or 4 psychics on this forum, and the rest are atheists who mostly don’t believe things like telepathy are real or credible.
also you sound young how old are you?

im not telling age i posted it here because tuning sound right but i call it honing

Oh reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy :-"

Why are you guys always so poor?

You make no sense, tell me the real reason why you’ve posted here?

i actually lied i will always be 89% pure

First you were 80% pure, then 93%, now 89% - are you working with a formula?

how pure am i?

telepathize me plz

You gotta be within 30 miles, remember?

oh man. if I had a nonsense-fetish I would totally have a boner right now…

i actually meant ive been honing a group 30 miles away up to 150 miles away

ive actually honed the entire planet(world) 35 times at this point

i am the most pureness in my mind and have the best honing (no fake pureness).March 25th 5:25pm.

there is really is rep in the world and at this point i am the top of the world with rep. Care, like and love this is how you get rep .trust me. there really is rep in the world.

i actually lied i wasnt the pureness my steddads cousin was at that point but now i am

only because he was the first 1 i honed if you get it i honed him first and his mine is almost at the same point is i was meaning his mindwent up because he learned.

i lied again once again. OnceI hit submit he was actually more pure than me because went downBut now i am for sure