I'm changing my race to African American to protest Erik

I’m tired of that Mexican-Aryan Erik talking shit about blacks, and I’ve decided in response, to change my race. I am now African American, and am now proud of my new ancestral Benin area racial identity (haven’t chosen a tribe or religious fetish yet), in particular the struggle of the Marxist-Leninist state of Benin (now defunct, but I identify with it, not bug fans of the French).

The Amosi, the Amazonian Warrior women of our empire, could totally kick the shit at out your panzy-ass Nazis Empire.

I’ve fully converted, and am now a bona-fide Blackman. You wanted to plow shit across this forum, so now I’m gonna take your pale ass back to the farm, you little miserable maggot of a Mexican’t.

Famous African-Americans way more accomplished than Erik. Every time you talk shit about my people, the list will be added to, overpowering your ignorance.

  1. Nelson Mandela (famous African American)

  2. Haile Selassie (Another Great African American)

  3. Esther Kamatari (Stars and Stripes thru and true)

  4. Abdulai Silá
    (a moderately influential African American, could be more famous, is moderately so, but he knows he still has his whole life ahead of him, and is saving the good stuff for later. Always thinking about tomorrow.)

  5. Charles Mungoshi (Another great African American)

All famous AFRICAN AMERICANS. Unlike you, you lame swordweilding Aryan wannabe. Do you have any idea how unpractical that sword would be in actual combat?

This Mexican “Erik” thinks he is a German Aryan.

The Turk “Satyr” thinks he is some native born Montreal Aristocrat, mocking immigrants despite being on himself.

Cesar/Historyboy was born a peon, now claims to be a Bosnian Noble, no doubt now in " voluntary exile".

I don’t know what us up with this forum, everyone claims to be of one ethnicity, acting all high and superior for the dumbest of reasons, then you see them, and they are a formless turd.

So my choosing to be a African American is completely inline with the outlook of these Nimrods.

I’m proud of my people’s ambitions, and history. This song more or less sums up how I feel about our stuggle, and our future:


Its the Ron Stewart version of the theme to Startrek: Enterprise.

I found a pic Erik of your local Clans Leader unhooded, never seen him unmasked before, have you?

Why make this sad pretense to being a part of “the pure Master Race” when you clearly don’t belong, a default non-member. They would have you shot if they could get away with it. Your clearly a mutt, just like most people are. Last few centuries, mass migrations across the globe. Massive gene swapping. Your a product of that mix, as am I, and everyone else. Be proud, your less likely to inherit genetic disorders associated with inbreeding as a result.

It’s true Erik. I could sit you down with plenty of black people I’ve known and you two would hit it off just fine. A bassist I once played with could beat you at any philosophical debate of your choice. And he could also beat your ass. I mean to say that not all black people are the N word.

I used to rant about black people too, Erik:

aeternitatis.forumotion.com/t59- … tory-month

aeternitatis.forumotion.com/t9-r … n-ferguson

These things are true, but they are generalizations. All it would take would be for you to meet one black person you could truly admire and respect to change your mind.

You need not worry yourself with trying to understand real anthropology. You’re not going to find the real stuff unless you know the secret handshake.

If you mean by " Aryan " blue eyes and blonde hair, then no, I am not, even though my mother has those characteristics.

I am Caucasian; you don’t need to have pale white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair to be White.

Both my parents are of European descent, yes even my father, who is a Mexican national, he is Caucasian.

Knowing the history of Mexico, the Spaniards interbreeded with the Aztec and Mayan population, creating what’s commonly called " Mestizo ".

Yes, a Mexican can be White, have predominantly Caucasoid racial characteristics:

The pictures above are of a very popular Mexican boxer named Saul " Canelo ( cinnamon ) " Alvarez.

I don’t need to be full fledged, pure-blooded Aryan, in order to believe in the Aryan tradition ( memes ).

And I’m not hostile towards all Blacks, just a good bunch of them, probably most of them.

I’ve meet some decent ones, some smart ones, some attractive ones; but they all pale ( pun?) in comparison to the amount of Whites I’ve met with those qualities.

In a lot of ways I think they do pale (nice pun) in comparison but how does that fact influence how you should live? How does a white supremacist live? Are you going to pass out pamphlets or spend the rest of your life as an armchair racist on a philosophy forum? How does a racist live? So you keep white friends. And…? Is that it? Even if you wanted to be a political racist you’d still not live differently. Sure go to a rally somewhere with a megaphone if you want to pretend you are fighting a war.

And what about this meme? Tell me something about memes.

I noticed you also jumped to defend yourself, which means you might be self conscious of your racial history. I understand. These wind bags think I’m an uncircumcised Jew. I’m of European Arabic mix and circumcised. But what if I wasn’t? Should I care or be ashamed of myself? Shirley not. This should go for anyone. Have racial pride before all else.

I’m not even a hard-core racist, not in the sense that I live my life with that as the primary thing on my mind, like a neo-Nazi, or KKK member.

I live my life, basically, like anyone else, I’m just above all this BS about ‘equality’.

The memes, or values associated with Indo-Aryan philosophy. I suppose I’m more of an Anti-Xt. heathen, than some noble-aristocrat; but I identity with the KT philosophy.

I jumped to defend myself, because it’s a common misconception that Mexicans can only be one race: Indigenous Aztec/Mayan

When I tell people that I’m White, yet have Mexican ancestry, they say, " Nuh-uh…Mexicans aren’t White ", like a bunch of ignoramuses.

So now what? All that’s ideological narrative. There are thousands of them. You’ll be talking about the same shit in ten years and nobody would have noticed the difference. You still go to work, you still drive home, you still watch TV, etc. There is no distinct kind of living that can be distinguished from any other. Ideology is transparent and in your head, having very little affect on what you actually do in life.

This is what Marx meant when he said this:

Yeah the klueless klux klan is passing out pamphlets right now trying to keep that redneck relic the confederate flag hanging in the window of every double wide trailer across the southeast. Fucking give it up Johnboy. That shit is history. Evolve.

‘‘Be proud, your less likely to inherit genetic disorders associated with inbreeding as a result.’’

Are you stupid; so to mongrelize a White with an IQ of 106 with a Bantu with an Iq of 70, resulting in offspring with IQ’s of 84 - is good, progress…?
Europeans are just fine without the genetic input of lower quality breeds; and btw, 4th cousin ‘inbreeding’ is the most healthy selection. If it was overall unhealthy to breed with people with a shared genetic past in regards to racial classification, then Europeans were not able to fly to the moon.
Are the mongrels of Brasil able to develop and maintain 1st world living standards…, nope.

The problem is not eugenics itself but getting a world of several races to agree on who can and can’t reproduce with each other. Arguing this crap in small scale like you people do is nothing but fluff. You are thinking about the wrong things. The problem is how to keep a world working in the long run when you still have different countries with different currencies and governments. This poses a problem that will eventually develop dialectically (I use that term in a rough Hegelean sense) and reach a point where problems can occur that jeopardize all people, countries and races so that NOBODY wins.

I’ve already told these people the future. I don’t know if they remember or not but that’s not my problem. The ONLY way you can indefinitely sustain one race on this planet against all the others is either to exterminate or colonize space. Those who have higher IQs will be the one’s who pioneer the population of our moon, Mars and one of Jupiter’s moons. There will be recognizable class and racial differences on these planets while earth remains more or less the same.

Believe you me. Eugenics is alive and well and coming to a planet near you.

Slower traffic keep right.

So there has to be a global government for all this to work. But all of you fantasize that the evil [ insert other racial phenotypic subdivision ] has some conspiracy going on to beat out the others. I doubt it, because that doesn’t need to happen and the one’s running shit know this. You’re going to have an intermixing of caucasian and asian races in outer space, while most of the negroid population in africa and elsewhere will remain on earth. This isn’t going to happen artificially by one race controlling the freedom of another, but naturally. Only the wealthiest are going to be part of this colonization, therefore carrying the strong genes of the educated, upper classes into space. Of course, workers will be imported to these places but they’ll be living in little districts in apartment buildings the size of aircraft carriers.

All this is coming together because it is the next logical step in the material and economic relations of human beings… not because some group thought it up in a secret chamber some where. Well maybe the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs get together for cookouts on sunday but they don’t conspire because they are evil. They do it because they have too. Somebody has to step up and put shit in order.

Everything is going to be fine, Carmina.

Funny that you should mention flying and Brazil, satyr, since the first airplane was invented by a Brazilian.
That’s wright, ladies and gentlemen.

I thought Aryan’s had dots and hung around the middle east and central, nothern india. Where did you get blond hair and blue eyes?

Sure, and it was a pure-blooded negro as well; he had a huge dick and a bone through its nose, the inventor of airplanes.

I would like to tell you, Zoot, that you are a great writer of fiction, but you are not, it is fiction nonetheless but it is present day Disney unworthy.

About as white as I am.

Are you? There is a difference between looking and being, you might appear to be European, on the surface, but your genetic inheritence may tell you a whole other thing, like being a mongrel for example. Pureness is not an absolute, but a comparison with otherness. To have jigaboon blood in you for example, is an indication of being non-White regardless of the dominant outer manifestation.