tommorrow! ill take pictures!![/i]

Hello F(r)iends,

Oh boy! Sex pictures!
Better yet, let me take the pictures so that I can get the best angles!



:astonished: Be careful. Remember, philosophygirl ‘disappeared’ not long after meeting J2.

Rumour has it that she was banned, but that’s not quite true.
Her ILP membership records simply say ‘dis-membered’

I thought you were already taking the pictures? :laughing:


Man I can see this turning into an ILP urban legend. It has been a couple of weeks, and still no response to my emails, no appearance on MSN, no anything… :confused:


thirst, can you please come too? it is at 1pm in orange county…pleeease?!

Hello F(r)iends,

Wait a second? Does this mean you spotted me behind the bush?
Or does it mean the pictures in my head? But only embracetrees is in that mental picture… I can’t see anyone else except me. Wait… =P~ yowsa! Excuse while I… heh, heh, oooh, oh yeah, work it, girl…

Embracetrees, I will only be there in spirit… :slight_smile: and in my mind :wink:


2 things:

PhilosophyGirl was banned for going on a homosexual-themed rampage, posting threads about myself, ben and James in every forum making false allegations of fudge nudging and shirt lifting. She got what she deserved, she may be allowed back at some point in the future. She does post on another forum, I’m led to believe, based around the book ‘men are from mars, women are from venus’. I’ll not post what I’m told is her login/posting name as that would be unfair. Those who are truly nasty can PM me for the information…

:evilfun: :evilfun:

The other thing - James and ET would make a much better couple than James and PG. We all know this. I hope that when you meet up that all expectations are confounded.

Come on SIATD, unless she was threatening violence or similar, I dont think it’s ethical to give out personal details - publically or privately.

James No2 - The Robbie Williams of ILP. :laughing:

[size=75][Throws slightly-damp Knickers][/size]

Jealous…? Moi…? - Of course Dammit!!! Me! Me! Me!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Alas the meeting has been postponed until tomorrow. More soon.


Voila! (sorry about the slight blur in this pick!)


James - Next stop: Chicago!

we met today!!
we had coffee and had spaghetti for lunch, and we talked and talked and he is the most engaging in conversation ever! his whole body is animated when he speaks, and you can talk with him on any topic you could imagine!
and he is not condescending like you might think, i felt comfortable (though i did kind of go brain dead-in fact i forgot most of what i know and just listened :laughing: )
anyways, he has a light australian accent (unfortunately morphed by coming here, i suppose) and exactly what you think he is like! rather amazing i must say, how you could know so much about a person before meeting them.

ET- next stop: umm…

Ahhhh… so sweet :laughing:

PS: You might have wanted to make yourselves look ‘intellectual’ with rows of books in the background but I thnk you should have chosen a better section. “The Cat Who Talked Turkey” doesn’t convey the sort of image we’re trying to foster here on ILP. #-o

Well the bookstore didn’t have any ‘Philosophy’ section, but in any case the ‘Mystery’ theme was a deliberate choice. Mystery novels are awesome:smiley:


Tabula, it seems to me that the seductive teenager in your sig is saying “ohhh follow me.”

Is this just my imagination?

Yes, TB, I thought you would be too high-minded to put up such a thing on the BB. [-X

I have no idea what the dancing broad in Tab’s signature is saying, I don’t even know who she is.

James and ET - great picture, despite the blur. James, you are looking more and more like a vagrant, ET more and more like a femme fatale in a 40s noir movie. In fact if I ever remake Chinatown I’ll try to cast you in the Faye Dunaway role…

You two make a cute couple. You should mate and breed a race of large chinned people.

Nice picture, ET and James. Very becoming

Don’t ask me where I know this from, but the girl in Tab’s sig is a French young singer, whose name I currently can’t remember. She has hit songs like Moi Lolita, and other such stupidities. She’s quite young to be cavorting around lasciviously in black velvet knickers, which kind of explains the title song. Apart from that, I’m totally oblivious.