How exciting, ILPers (or ILPites depending on your allegiance) getting together sans computers. This is how the philosophical revolution begins and soon I will be meeting detrop and monooq in a 60s themed bar in Texas to discuss the overthrow of todays governments. I will then appoint myself Philosopher King and everyone will have to register on ILP in order to exist.

See, this is what you guys have started…

  • ben

P.S. - Cute pic, J2 is even putting his arm round ET. :wink:

:laughing: :laughing:

Well… at least I’m much cleaner than a vagrant. Have you seen Agnes Varda’a film ‘Vagabond’? There is a character in the film who used to be a vagrant, but who decided to settle down and become a farmer. He also has a master’s in philosophy…


James No. 2,

I must admit I liked the picture of you where you had the short cut hair.

Speaking of short, ET looks delightfully petite.

Did you shoot that picture yourself, the old hand extended method, or did you 'ave a photographer?

It’ll never happen. No, not the bit about the revolution, but the part where Monooq is sitting beside me at the resturant. You will not find us together.

Although Monooq is a proletariat, and once a champion of the Berkleic idealism, he is now nothing more than a man amongst the backward masses, content with wintergreen dip and cheap whores from the neighborhood bar. Monooq, fellow proletariat, has fallen victim to the pascification of the lower class.

He must be abandoned.

Another fellow proletariat comes to mind, one who has betrayed his kind. Thirst4Metal. This man was once a ghetto-child, now he owns four computer monitors. He is a traitor and will not be found in my company.

nothing has changed. i didn’t let you down.

you can strap your social/political goggles on PoR, he needs the company.

i still have a deep affinity for “Berkleic”, as you say.

thank you for the kind words, siatd! when shall you and i meet?

GCT- awk-ward…

xander- i think james is better with long hair- in fact, everyone is better with long hair (if tastefully done, of course)
i am not petite! i am 5’7, james is just super-tall
and we used the hand-extended method.

i think my faourite part was that he didnt turn out to be a creepy mass murderer like i thought he was…turns to see james behind her with a kitchen knife

:laughing: MRN - You must be thinking of some other Tabula Rasa…

Hello F(r)iends,

:astonished: On your first date! You guys are sluts!


I think so, Concordant. Look closer. She appears to be reciting proposition twelve of chapter three in John Duns Scotus’ A Treatise on God as First Principles.

“What we intend to show from this is that an infinity of essential ordered causes is impossible, and that an infinity of accidentally ordered causes is also impossible unless we admit a terminus in an essentially ordered series. Therefore there is no way in which an infinity in essentially ordered causes is possible. And even if we deny the existence of an essential order, an infinity of causes is still impossible. Consequently in any case there is something able to produce an effect which is simply first.”


PoR is a nationalist socialist and I am a communist. He is my enemy until the bitter end. We took him at Berlin in 44 and we’ll do it again. His last plight will be in a bunker at the recieving end of my rifle.

That all depends on Thirst, who apparently has great plans which will involve me moving to your part of the world…

Bastard, you beat me to it! By rights that joke is actually mine…