I'm looking for a blog. Perhaps somebody here knows it.

I once visited a blog where someone was talking about why they believed in god. The article began with a discussion of the search for the origins of life and how recent developments have led some scientists to believe that man will create synthetic life in 30 years or so. SO this guy’s reasoning followed on that prediction. He said, if we will be able to create life in 30 years or so, by what logic do we conclude that another intelligent life form (god) has not built life before? Could we be a synthetic life form, created by a superior being (god) many eons ago? Some weeks back, I read this article about how scientists were about to make a new life form from a lab created chromosome foxnews.com/story/0,2933,299857,00.html. I wanted to go back to the blog to see if this novel thinker had any comment on that. Is anyone familiar with this blog?