I'm Out! Take Care Everyone

Well the time has come for me to say goodbye. This place is cool, but it banned most of the people I like, and I don’t really think the moderation has an interest in promoting any sort of high quality discussion. And that’s fine. I accepted that a while ago, I just wanted to get to 11111 posts.

You can catch me at the forum in my signature. Good luck.

In closing, here is a song that sums up my feelings.



[tab]It wasn’t really over.[/tab]

I smell the government all over this

Shit, so that’s why you didn’t want to respond to my most earnest questions about twenty minutes ago. Five one’s is not something to mess with, I know, I used to suffer from out of control OCD myself. But, you can still keep in touch with me through PM, I mean you are approachable unlike your aforementioned banned friend. Well if that’s it, then that’s it, I won’t forget your half-assed ‘Generations’ thread, and if Hell does indeed ever freeze I’ll take a look in the nwo forum… ok that was a joke, let Hell freeze and even still… but seriously PM anytime with a serious answer to my question and I won’t BS like I’m doing now.

Other than that, bye.

You only talk to people who don’t notice you Stewie, don’t you? I’ll read that super important post soon on my end.

Bye Gobbo. Everytime I’ll see a sprinkler go off, and no one is around, I’ll think of you.