I'm thinking about invading Machias Seal Island


I don’t think the island is legally either country’s island by default… so I should be able to just land, entrench myself in a pillbox, and fly a flag with my head on it, declaring myself king of it.


Only way there will be a scuffle is if Canada storms my position. If so, then it means Canada will be a imperialistic power, out to conquer new lands.

I can sell the fishing rights to the highest bidder. Licenses half off if you dump Mercury into my coastal waters.

Will you rename it? Make your own Coat of Arms?

Nope… I am a remarkably lazy monarch.


So it’s a monarchy…and your not going to have a Coat of arms!?

I mean you don’t have to be a monarch to have a coat of arms, but monarchies are known for their extensive use of coat of arms.

I’ll wear a coat, will that make you happy?

What like Napoleons grey trench coat?
Could you make me a Marshal and then establish the “Royal Armies of the Kingdom of Machias Seal Island”.
I’m sure you’ll be disconent wondering why all these guys followed you there.

We’re scoping out against canadians in preporation for our Transformation into the “Imperial of Armies of the Kingdom of Machias Seal Island”…

Did the joke finally run it’s course, I think so…

I just wanted an excuse to post this painting that I really liked.

It would seem so, judging by your choice of crown… :wink:

Take out a huge loan from the IMF. For infra-structure of course. Then spend it on hookers. And helicopters for hookers.

Yeah what happend to storming SA? Theres no women on this island!

Cat Crown…

I wonder what kind of hookers Maine has.

And no… I am not bringing a bunch of guys onto the island… this island gonna have a strict don’t ask, don’t tell policy so long as there are no women on it… population has to be atleast 25, 13 of which are females, before gayhood can be open. Cause I don’t want my butt being tapped.

Honestly, if only guys come, there be more cock fishing than cod fishing.

You might wanna look into the Marine Corps if that’s what your after. There is a reason why they were so resistive to the end of don’t ask, don’t tell.

No I never had a large interest to join the Marines. But I thought the Navy was more infamous for that kind of behavior.

As per usual, the British are WAY ahead of the Americans:


“As per usual”?
Pffft :text-bs:

aside to CN The brits got a flag and a coat of arms, are you gonna let a brit upstage you?


And I already linked the Principality of Sealand earlier in the post. I talked to some guys when I was in the army about all heading out there on leave with some tranquilizer guns and conquer the country and make it our own, giving one another titles and stuff while the sovereign is tied up, however, they changed international law in the 80s and now man made structures can’t be recognized as sovereign states. Sucks for the characters in Waterworld.

When it comes to eccentric old gits, the UK leads the world. Yorkshire is to mad old gits what East L.A. is to ethnic minority gangs…

And ‘ding’

I’m from York.

See? SEE?