I'm trying to send a post to ILP!

This is getting really annoying, because I’ve been trying to post here for the past few hours, with no luck. (Yes I know, I could go through the normal web interface, but I’m a glutton for punishment!)

What I’m doing here is very important. I have created something called the MMM that I hope will allow peace to reign around the world. It’s a computer program that runs in your web browser, and it allows you to do, well, anything really. I’ve been trying to get it to work with message forums for the past week or so… (Let me make sure the reply feature works now!)

You’ve obviously succeeded. How else could I have read your post?

It depends on when you posted, in what forum you posted, and who the mod is. Everyone here is vetted at the beginning. The amount of time it takes to do that can vary, according to the mod. Be patient. BTW, didn’t you post this some time back?–Something about Lady Gaga and her own forum over which she would have total control. It was the WWW turned upside down, wasn’t it?

I knew there was a delay between when you post & when they are actually posted. I was talking about technical problems related to the insane complexity of the program.

And, yes, “something about Lady Gaga” is correct, but its a little deeper than her having her own forum. I am rather trying to fashion things so that she has the world. Literally. I want to create a new church with her as the … well… the “Head Gaga in Charge”.

Then you can build up a state within the church, because we all know that churches are the foundations of states, right?

But this state is going to be a global state (ie, no arbitrary boundaries for fascists to rally around/against).

World peace will reign… souls will be saved…

So let me get this straight. You’re a 36 year old man obsessed with a pop singer, who is also dating, over the internet, a 17 year old girl from Holland, and you also happen to live on the streets.

Can you say dirty, insane pedophile?