Images of infitity?

What are some images or illistrations that man currently has to help him grasp the un-graspable concept of infinity?

I can think of God (the “infinite” being), and the universe (the “infinite” space), and even the circle (it has no starting or ending point).

Any other examples? Or are you just too finite to think of anything else? :wink:

lazy 8


Huh? I’m lazy? Or what is a “lazy 8”?? :confused: :confused:

it’s the sign for infinity

it’s a sideward 8

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah…I forgot about that. nice… :blush: :blush:

anyone else? :confused: :wink:

I think you would enjoy Infinity and the Mind — The Science and Philsophy of the Infinite by Rudy Rucker.

It has examples from physics, mathematics, set theory, robotics, and philosophy.

yes, the rucker book is good… also check out space from zeno to einstein by huggett…


I am currentlly in the process of reading Stephen Hawking’s [/i]A Brief History of Time[/i].

It is incredibly facinating. It may be more of a scientific book than a book of philosophy, but many of the ideas hawkings expresses are very closely related or linked to philosophy (such as infinity, etc.).

Thanks for the suggestion, though. I’ll look into it (I can never read enough books). :wink:

Human Igonrance?

lim 1/x, x->0

Lol, so true! :smiley:

Albert Einstein once said something to the effect of: “Only two things I am certain are infinite: the universe and human ignorance”. :wink:

way over my head, but I’m guessing that that mathematical forumla is widely recognized as at least a vallid formula to represent infinity. Am I correct? Just curious…thanks. :wink:

But surely the universe is finite in size right? From an ‘inside’ view, it may seem infinite but from an ‘outside’ view is it?

Interesting that this forumula does appear to represent an image of infinity (for BMW-Guy, it stands for the number that 1/x gets closer to as we move x towards 0) when an ‘inverted, yet equivalent’ formula, if you see what I mean:

lim x/1, x->infinity

Seems, rather, to ‘involve’ an image of infinity.

Sorry, bit aimless, this post, I know, but it’s odd that we can turn a number we can’t envisage (i.e. infinity) into one we can (i.e. zero) just by taking the reciprocal. Weird. Or are the two numbers different in more ways than simply being the ‘opposite’ of each other?

The number of possible subdivisions in a continuous field.

The number of irrational numbers between 0 and 1.

Your view area on a complex iterative shape with no limitation on degree of scale complexity.

I’m almost positive that the quote is human stupidity :stuck_out_tongue:

“In a piece of paper contains the infinite.” -Lu Chi

Alittle old Chinese verison of infinity.

This is slightly off track but when i was really tiny, about 6 or 7 years old, my dad used to try to describe to me what infinity was, and he used to explain it by telling me to imagine the earth (just the earth - nobody on it) and imagine a dove flying above it, and once every 10 years the tip of the doves wing just brushes against the edge of the earth and over the next 10 years the earth would grow grass and repair the area the doves wing had clipped. He told me that infinity was how long it would take for the earth to be completely eroded away by that dove’s wing. lol So that was my first ‘image’ of infinity hehe… so yeah anyway :confused: Has anyone seen Ricky Gervais’ Politics DVD? With him trying to explain the nature of infinity to his mate, and this guy just cannot get it? I love that, makes me laugh so much :smiley:

do all things have a size and shape? Just because something is infinite, this doesnt mean that t doesnt stop. It merely means that there is no beginning or end. U explained earth, earth is infinite…if yiu started your hourney at one point, you could never reach the end because it is infinite…(infinitley long) but as we all know, earth has a shape and is finite in size. I like to think that most things are like that, there is no end to things, you can’t just reach a point that you can’t go beyond but this doesn’t mean and it doesnt have a shape or size.

I think as you get older and you develop your thoughts on infinity you place it beyond shape or form or time, but thats kinda too much for a 6 year old to grasp so it was a useful way of me to start understanding an aspect of it… its only later as you grow up you can develop a truer understanding of its concept.

Cant really agree with this, name one thing that is not infinitley long? I doubt there is anything that has no end to it, from an ‘‘outside’’ view. From an inside view everything has no end.