Imagine This

Imagine This

Imagine that you and a thousand other people lived deep in the jungle of Africa. Imagine further that every one of you had been born colorblind and none had any idea what color was. Imagine further that you were an exercise nut and discovered, quite by accident, that if you performed a certain sequence of exercises you developed color perception.

What would you do?

If you tried to tell the others what would they do? Would you be able to convince any one of them to follow your example? How would you explain to them what you had accomplished? Would they eventually kill you like the Athenians did Socrates?

This depends on you and your convincing skills. People will follow just about anything given the right psychology.

I wonder if Socrates tried this method before he was executed for “corrupting the youth”.

Socrates was a pompous ass. He wasn’t killed for corrupting the youth or atheism, even though that’s what the charges brought against him said. He was killed for pissing off the prestigious and powerful of Athens by going around and showing that they were full of you know what.

As to what would happen to such a person, the answer I think depends on the type of person, and his position in that society, and the type of society. If it isn’t a dogmatist society with some sort of investment in omniscience, and if the person making such and other same such discoveries is clever in the way he presents the discoveries, then that society will probably embrace the discovery because of the benefits new discoveries almost always bring. Look at our society. We were once in village huts in Africa, ignorant about the ways of nature, but we somehow pulled through. Knowledge must have not been a punishable offense. People like this guy must not have been hated and killed for doing science.