First… Is it even possible to make an exact replication of a human brain?

Second… If it was possible to make an exact replication of a human brain would someone be able to live forever?

My opinons:

First… No

Second… Not necessarily

Opinions aren’t fact.

First… Why not? Don’t say it’s too complicated. With the proper amount of time and energy anything is possible.

Second… Would what we call ‘you’ know the difference? Would you be satisfied knowing that an exact replica of your brain with the same thought sceme is being continued?

Another possibility. If memory could be saved onto something similar to a hard drive would you be able to live forever? Your body could decay your mind could decay but the memory could always be saved and transplanted on new pieces of hardware. If humans are a collection of memories / the effects of their genes then alls you would need is a host that resembles exactly your body correct?

This is just terminator 3 talk.

First of, there are no facts only interpretation’s. Opinion is not a good enough word to describe the point that life is just a interpretated world.
“Words” Thats the direction philosophy has went, cause of Russell.


What a great idea. Sometimes i question why i even bother coming on this philosophical chat room, but those ideas is a reason. Thats brilliant cba1067950 were did you get the imagination. Im not really sure though about the method of trying to get the mind transplanted into a computer. Its possible though, if only in-practical and hard to contemplate.
Religion implants some need for immortality, but i dont see the point cause
i dont remember(of coarse) what happened before i existed and im not going to know im dead-- when im dead. If though through reading the mind with electro magnetic waves and assimmilating them into a computer; then i could have a interpretated human mind-- in a computer. This though isnt my real mind, its just the computer making a copy with what is uses as senses to mathmatically calculate what my mind does and were particular electro reactions occur. Simply put, it might be my mind but doesnt exist within my head and it couldnt possibly calculate were sparks would fly(uncertainty is a problem always with modern science.) So i would be a interpretation that the computer uses through its senses, that wouldnt be my senses. Plus it wouldnt have body sensations just replicated body senses. So i go with Yashaskaram and say it just isnt necessary. Where going to die! And rationality will be gone(which i think is good: as we will not know anymore or even need to know)

But imagine if the mind is in a computer, you could go anywhere, load on different computers. Plus exist in a metal computer world(you could tell computers to kill humans) so the point would be to stop humans switching you off: as we all need to kill or harm. :evilfun:

I don’t think the mind could be “transferred” to a computer, you could make an exact replica but you wouldn’t feel it as yours, and unless amazingly advanced technology was used your brain would be irreparably damaged during duplication. Perhaps having artificial components spliced into your brain would not disrupt continuity, but I can’t see how that would be acheived without damage to neural connections, causing loss of memory, which might cause loss of identity. You might fade out of consciousness- or your consciousness, at least- a little more with each implant, to me this is quite frankly a terrifying thought, far worse than death. I think we will be able to make a replica good enough to fool others relatively soon though. This is, perhaps, from an objective viewpoint the same as immortality. Unfortunately none of us has an objective viewpoint.

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My sister indirectly thought it up actually. She suggested something and I went off on it. It’s kinda funny though she’s only 14. It reminds me of the show futurama. How they had the head museam. I only suggest it because the loss of information with each death is a sad loss. One may not want to experience the pleasures or pains of life but the idea of being able to see everything the human race accomplishes is hard to resist. Besides you could always have someone delete you :smiley:

This is just a thought but hear goes.
If somehow through synthesis or some electron reading of the brain, all electronic activity could be recorded (say on to floppy) and expelled from the brain as well as all memory quarters, then freezing it or leaving it in some static suspension booth. Where electric wave parterns of the brain have been taken out but the neuroglia was still been giving replica electric patterns thus keeping the body stimulated and alive. Then by taking out older neuro-memory cells, through particularly concentrated high frequency electro-magnetic waves, that would pass through the skull and not harm it but destroy resident cells. Then implant simple undetermined proteins simular to stem cells in the brain and electrically pulsate someone elses replicated memory in the fleshy head; then the proteins would be ready when unfrozen or unsuspended to slowly copy the other persons mind and memorys into a different body. :astonished: wow. Infact no its stupid, freaky eyes are needed.

U could have women in mens bodys; men in womens bodys and keep a genius alive and kicking forever with his own senses and perceptions. 2 year old kids could have the mind of a 350 year old. If you didnt like your body, you could just kidnap someone and implant your mind in theres.

This is all fantasy; but its my fantasy and i like it. :smiley:

Plus know one came up with the idea of a hologram. Thats the most likely thing to happen if a mind was placed in a machine, it could be a hologram of that person with the mimicry of light. But then again perhaps we get old and die not because of the body but the mind (or is that obvious). Perhaps a neuro-chemical is needed to be daily ingested to keep the mind from growing old.

in some ways articial intelligence is kinda a replication of a human brain. at least thats what it seems like to myamateur mind.
we would be come a software, with senses like a robot with sensors. only we would have ‘emotions’ - which are linked to our minds. that too can be programmed. sometimes i cant help feeling that my computer screwing up on me is a primitive form of tantrum throwing. liek feelings, irrational.
we would live ‘forever’ or as long as our physical shells can hold us and e transplanted into a new one… once again, like a robot changing outer cases.
we would cease to live as humans and ‘life’ would become like those movies where some mad freaky scientist decides to end mortality by turning all human beings into walking, thinking, feeling robots.

I’m not really fluent with this science it was just an idea but that reminds me of a book I was reading called holographic universe. I only read like 30 pages though and being I don’t really know what it’s talking about my understanding of it was limited.

Not so different then what we are now. The only difference would be the material.

i think it is logically possible to create an exact replica of a human. but even if it was we could not live forever. as if your making a copy, you are no longer using the origonal. you would be sacrifising your life for a copy of your conciousness to exist. i think this is the very problem with teleportation too. sure you can create a copy, but thats all your doing making a copy, the origonal ceses to exist.

Yea that’s why I brought up the idea of saving memory which is personality.

that still isnt you being saved tho. if i make a copy of a foppy disk, there is still the origonal copy. the saved memories are not the origonals.


Perhaps you would know that your original self doesnt exist, but this in no mean says that you have experienced your original self been sacrifised. It would just be a fact that your original self died, not a experiece so in essence you would still be you, just a artificial you. Your consciousness would of always been! - wether the original was deleted or not (as your consciousness was copyed).

i… dont think you could be you and an artifial you at the same time. when you copy something it is no longer the origonal. while it is exacally the same in every single microscopic atom position and all, it still is not the origonal. you still die, weather or not the new you experiences it or not dont matter much.

When everyone dies what is they want, something to say they existed or a child so a part of them continues. If you new that when you died you were going to become a hologram like say - Rimmer of Red Dwarf, it wouldnt be a good thing realising that your real self is dead, but after a while would you partically care? your holograthic self (which is identical to the original you in everyway) will be Immortal and live forever, Essentially your sacrifing yourself for yourself.

yes but the question at the moment is if “your holograthic self (which is identical to the original you in everyway) will be Immortal and live forever” that is really living?

The solution is a hard one because you have the added discussion of defining life.

I think from these two words ive been miss interpretated. What i meant was flushing out the brains whole electrical disposion: (also with the help of some chemical adhersive), and storing it on disk or in a powerful computer advanced enough [quantum] to determine and replace the brain patterns back in there original place within another mind/head/brain.

This wouldnt be killing the orignal by copying, it would be the original.

It would be simply be a matter of weather its the brain that causes the body to deteriate, as it might naturally aim for death; then again people with healther diets and life styles live longer so perhaps you could continuely get the body of a baby when your body gets old. This leads to think that again “perhaps” you would have to train yourself things like potty training, hand eye coordination, language etc.- as your mind may have developed but the body wouldnt have the neuro feeds to the mind yet. :confused:

first of all there is perhaps nothing I fear as much as immortality. As much as I fear death, living forever scares me infinitely more. Secondly there is no reason why we should not, with only minor difficulties be able to sustain a human body forever. Or at least until the world ends. All we would have to do is reproduce cells and reinsert them where the old ones die. With nanotechnology that should be a piece of cake, the only real thing lacking would be a complete map of the human body…

Last but not least. How do you define “you”. Is it the atoms and various particles you’re made up of? It certainly seems that you think so. Well you don’t have a single atom left in your body that you had seven years ago… not one. So you’re already not the original you in the matter way of thinking of it. Frankly, saying that you could not “teleport”, or switch bodies or whatever is plain superstition, and thus preposterous. And if you’re talking about your mind, that would be exactly the same too, in other words they’d actually BE the same. Imagine two universes that are exactly alike… well they’d actually be the same universe. It’s the same with you, just with the very slight disturbance of you suddenly being somewhere else. Then again you could possibly teleport to the exact same location as the one you left from, and use your own atoms to remake you. Would this be any different??? no. Besides who says you have to delete the first to make another, you could just make copies of yourself that would not be you but whatever number of alternate you’s, and they’d all be you in the instant they’re created.

If only Adam and Eve didn’t sin we would live forever…with the fruit from the Tree of Life…unknown location.

Kudo, do you have any religious affiliations?