Impeachment procedeings against Obama started March 7th.

The history: … nst-obama/

Now: just google it.

If they didn’t impeach Reagan for his clear violation of the constitution and
bush jr for his multiply violations of the constitution, then they sure the hell won’t
impeach Obama.


It’s not only newsworthy I agree Obama should be impeached, if only to potentially be held to account for Libya, guilty or not. That said NATO are not the UN, so fat chance pressing charges. :slight_smile:

Basically the UN has no power, even the UNSC, because of the power of veto, any charges that are internationally binding will be vetoed by the US and its allies.


A lawyer was drafting an article of impeachment in April, 2011. That doesn’t mean Obama is now being impeached, or am I missing something. I can’t see this as news, even if it would be nice if he was impeached, though not for what this lawyer was impeaching him for.

So you only read that -one- article?

It happened on the 7th.

Good try though.

I’ve now clicked on all the articles. They are all from April, 2011. I can’t hear the films at the computer I am now on, but the articles are nearly a year old.

It happened on the 7th of March.

Are you refusing to google this because of some sort of spite towards me? Don’t waste time on stuff like that. Better yourself.

Googling this should have been the first thing you did.

That’s the attitude. I love having people like you on my team.

Gee, my mistake going with the link you provided and finding stuff a year old. Next time I will ignore your link, assume it is not very useful and google. (and by the way, when I google it, the first entry is also from last year, though later in October.)

Has the House of Representatives voted to impeach Obama? If not, then he is may or may not be impeached. As far as I can tell the actual resolution is

which is not an impeachment resolution, but rather set something in place that would lead to impeachment if Obama did something - something most of his predecessors have done going back to Kennedy, at least. Bush would laugh and wet his pants, both Bushes would, if they nailed Obama for this one. Not that I am any fan of Obama or even consider the US a democracy, but where were these patriotic Republicans when their presidents went to war via executive fiat?

I should have used a different link.

you do seem oddly reluctant to post links that verify your ideas.

here’s the deal: if you’ve already found the material online, then it’s far easier for you to just find it again and link it than it is for us to dig through google links that we’ve never seen before. you’ve already found it, so it’s much easier to find it again. we haven’t found it, so just go get the link you’ve already found, and share it. Expecting people to do work to verify your ideas…you’ve got an uncanny sense of entitlement there. I’ll click your links and read 'em, but I’m not going to go out of my way to prove your ideas. That’s your job. You prove your ideas.

and if you’re not willing to do that, the only reasonable response to you in threads in which you say “go do a google search to verify my ideas,” is, “no AuthorityFigure, you’re wrong, now you do a quick google search to prove why you’re wrong.” you see the problem with that approach yet?

It’s an impeachment. It’s all over the news. If you know how to look.

I’m trying to instill good practices here. The first thing anyone should have done is google this. The first thing.

What will you do when I’m no longer around to hand feed you news?

it’s not like this is the first time you’ve done that either. you were doing that in that thread about astral projection as well. you really expect people to look up why you’re right and they’re wrong.

so, here’s a taste of your own medicine: go google why that’s a retarded thing to do.

Don’t be an idiot.

How is trying to teach people how to access news retarded?

google it and find out. i’m not going to do your work for you. don’t be an idiot.

The difference is that I make it look good. You just look a) unoriginal and b) like a fail

I suspect you’re like 15.

What Merits his Impeachment? Or is it what he hasn’t done that merits it?

Libya and Uganda.

Aiding certain factions in those two nations merits his impeachment?