In a sense, Yes.

Some things can be, in this thread


Africa, the center of ebola.

It’s a golden spiral and squares whose side lengths are Fibonacci numbers in a succession.

Not sure with what intent it was posted or what is the purpose of this thread.

I find these kind of things interesting too, but I can’t seem to be able to draw any conclusion from them.

Some things are just… you know.

There was this study recently that showed that good looking parents will most likely have female children. As most such studies are predicated on absolute bullshit, I did not take notice until after a few days it came back to my mind and I realized why it would be true.

Women are generally selected by men on the basis of their beauty. Men by women generally on the basis of other criteria (wealth, intellect, power).

Thus, any bloodline marked by beauty will foremost be a result of above averagely selectable women. A bloodline marked by intellect will be the result of above averagely selectable men.

If two beautiful people come together, they are both the result of female-dominated bloodlines, and the quality that seeks to reproduce itself is beauty. Woman is the vessel for this quality, as tendency has brought out.

Evolutionary logic is always by elimination in retrospect and thus never linear, which is what people generally misunderstand. But tendencies do ‘lean forward’.

Do you want to say that beautiful persons are fool and not beautiful ones are intellectals/wise generally?

with love,

More carefree, yes, and more puzzled. And the world is stranger to them, as people respond to the truly beautiful differently. They do not learn what it is to be part of the system, never really. The system revolves around beautiful women. The you know what (danger) is in a sense a veiled sexgoddess.