In defence of Impious and his kind

I’m led to believe Impious is being frustrated by a knowing man. Even if not, however, I would like to say the following:

Those in (edited by Faust)
And their other who speaks from within
Go the way of (edited by Faust)
and become like Faust.

They walk the path to
Uneternal recession
Where the first shall be last
And the last shall be first.

hmm, they didn’t ban the man, did they?

i guess he was drunk yesterday…

To avoid confusion, I will say that I didn’t edit Ish’s thread, and will ask Ish (Impious, that is)not to post anything that confuses members about what mods are doing.

Sock puppets are allowed, but not just to screw with the rules.

I think the sock puppets are coming out of the woodwork.

how do ya know it’s Impious? the IP?

I’m all in favor of sock puppets running the world.
I am fond of several myself… uh, I like several socks,
uh, socks best kept on your feet instead of your hands…
I better shut up now.


haha, funny, i didn’t even know what was a ‘sock puppet’ till now. :laughing: then Impious is creating a lot of fake accounts in order to attract attention to himself?

You mean 1(a)st? The egg. Surely.

Fab - we just know things.

Did you see that?

This post just turned, for a split second, into lizard writing!

Strange. I would have expected a

I somehow doubt that.

Man that’s weird. You gotta wonder…


‘Unlike that young Greek god who simply speared the poor lizard’ - Nietzsche

aussie/Impious/balazaaa…/Son_of_Richard/Zealot/whatever - I just don’t want to chase you around to see what you have written and attributed to me.

You can make this sockpuppet heaven, for all I care - just use a little judgement.

I know.

I knowwwwwwwwwww.

I’m sure he understands.

identity crisis, Impious?