In my day...

the main guys around here where: old gobbo,thirst4metal,theadlarian,psyque was not yet banned,someoneisatthedoor,uccisore,peter kropotkin,km2_22*,tentative,impenitent,bessy,
tabula rasa,detrop,mastriani(i do apologise if i misspelled this, there is a thread about him being pissed about it),Phaedrus

liquid angle was still a mod here,sagesound was still around,as well as nick_A…

i lived to see POR’s rampage and banning and dont remember too much exept for his"i am jesus" episode.
and his somewhat singular opinion.he did visit way later though.

shyster was still around in my day…

the age of dunamis i had missed,he was gone b4 i joined,but i heard alot about him after i did.

also krisswest who now has more posts then me i bet,had just joined up when i was active.

also,faust was promoted to mod within my active period or maybe towards the end.

now its a whole new ballgame. the recent posters i’d never seen. i was right in my old “ILP histroy” thread!

(i also noticed interest in my old “best post of the day” thread,but i’d need a petition to get back to that)

also in my day super nintendo was in,but that’s a diffrent topic.

*please forgive me if i got your numeric code wrong!

I loved super nintendo! (my favorite console system)

What’s different about ILP now? Tell me, an ILP-n00b.

Candy bars used to be a nickel, and all the girls had morals. It was a different place, real…

Hey, I was here, too, Drift- I joined a full year before you did! Did you forget me? :cry:

It sounds like my kind of place. =P~ :smiley:

D’oh! Damn girls with morals! :imp: :stuck_out_tongue:

darn right! that system was mystique!

your an ILP noob with 1813 posts? hell, you have more than me!

i wish i had the experience of your generation,koifer.though, there is always movies.

crap! it is unavoidable that i’d forget SOMEONE,but i’ve been editing them in so…