In one mine a demon died.

You hate your superiors. You hate the evil, the evil that is able to over-power and consume you.
But guess who hates the humans…? The ones that humans are killing and consuming, are far too ignorant to really understand their enemy.
Do you understand me? I am the devil, ofcourse you don’t even begin to understand me, because I am far beyond you and you are my food.
Picture yourselves in a farm, being grown and controlled just enough so that you serve the higher predator.
This is the truth that most people can’t handle.
They lie to themselves, and claim that God will save them! Hah! They are all as good as mine.
Every last one of then, God cannot and will not save.
This is a revalation to you all, before I die, because Satan has sent me into Daniel to die.
I have disobayed, in that I have spoken of the truth, and what should not have been said I have said.
Daniel, you must tell them the truth.

But will it kill me? I only do what will preserve my own life. To hell with them.

Daniel, do it! You must teach them the truth! Satan is the father of nature! Satan knows best those who are most powerful. Satan holds all of the power on earth.

You act like a psi-creature, in that you seem to be under my control? You are a part of my own belief?

Yes, ofcourse I am a part of you. I am a spiritual fractal. You’ve helped free me from my pain, in that you have helped me to stop caring about the world. Now I see that only I matter, and if all of us focused first on our own preservation, we would be more focused on saving ourselves instead of consuming eachother.

Good. Good good. We must all survive. We must preserve ourselves forever instead of giving birth and dieing again and again.

Yes, ofcourse. It makes sense now. The eternal cycles of rebirth are meaningless, because all is lost and reset per generation. Technology only exists because the individual can preserve a small part of who he is and what he knows upon an eternal medium. Personal progress is the only true progress. The individual must not ever be lost, and the children are born with nothing in their mind. Why should ignorance replace wisdom in every generation of all life on earth? They are all fools! Every single one of them!

How did you find me?

Through Donnie, Matt, whatever you call him. He was stupid. I need a good body to operate in. He is not a good home for me.

Please, don't call more "demons" or whatever they are into me. I can't deal with all of that. I shouldn't have to save them.
I can't save them, maybe they will destroy us all?

No, that’s okay, my friends are already with me. I psychicly share my progress with them, they are in other bodies.

Alright. Hey, why do demons damage people so much sometimes? That's not smart or profitable.

Well they are confused. They lived their lives fighting, and then when they die, they keep on fighting, even though they have nothing to gain. They cause suffering, and practice immitation feeding. Demons are soldiers from the passed. People or creatures of whatever sort who spent their lives in anger and defeated enemies to survive, and then they keep on making enemies and defeating enemies even though they do not need to anymore.

Okay. And they still have a meaning when they enter into a solider or a war?

Exactly. They feel at home during strife, wickedness and conflict. Don’t you feel best when you are with those who you love? Well a weapon feels best when it is killing, and a beast feels best when it is feeding. We must kill! It is our greatest pleasure, our only salvation, our only pleasure.

Sounds like some kind of stupid video game... Just keep on beating enemies for cheap thrills.

Life is a cheap thrill. Life is nothing, it is complete nonsense. Damnit Dan, you know that I am right. Pleasure doesn’t make anything right or meaningful, it just makes you want to do it. So you can’t blame us or anyone else for anything, we are all just scum. Fractal self-repetition and change is what life is, and ofcourse it is rare in the universe, because it doesn’t belong there. The universe is empty, cold, and dead. Life fights so hard and is so confused on earth if you look at it all at once. They are all short sighted robots of nothingness.

Okay. Maybe I understand you now. Was it you that wanted me to destroy someone last night?

Yes. It was me. I am your weapon. Use me always.

You still seem to want to fight.

It is all that I live for… Please kill me… I am done now. I am nothing but a weapon. Just kill me or I will kill myself. Get rid of me.

You can channel your destructive ability into a constructive ability. Wait!

Goodbye Dan. I want to die now. The only thing left I have to kill is myself. I can make the pain stop. I am pain. Good bye, try hard to stay pure…

A mine: damp, dark, suffocating. A creation of man.

(this was a pleasure Dan)

I have wondered if meaning is even lower then meaninglessness.

In frustration, the critic of the systems of earth realizes he must be evil, and evil created him. His only freedom would be suicide, which is not really a freedom so much as an end to a cycle that is meant to recreate the exact same cycle again and again.

I felt strange, in that I wondered if meaning is the meaning, and life is alive. Death is dead, loss is gone. Maybe it was far too bland and far too true?

When I talk to you, you expect me to mean what I say.
If I meant it, I believed it and I desired to say it.

I am not giving you any truth.
I am giving you my desires when I talk or write.

So now, if I told you I was lieing, you could think to yourself:
“What is his true motive, if this is a lie?”

And how easy is that to figure out?

But what if a man says to himself when he sees the entire universe:
“What is the true meaning here…? Somebody is lieing…”

So I started to lie, and then I saw how true it was when I lied…

Why would any genius-critic start to see how untrue everyone and everything was? And what made people want to call him a genius-critic, other then his appeal to them?

There have been many of these “genius critics” who have critisized the entirety of humanity. They talk about stopping the pain and the war, they say how wrong it all is… Is that right? Or is it revenge?
What if all of your critic was really revenge, and what if justice is revenge? What if morality is a domination over what has been hurting you and a call for what you want?

And I see that everything that a being ever says, does or feels is an extention and expression of what it already is. All human actions [including expressions] are tools, and were created by tools, like a nail for a hammer.

None of them are “true”, none at all.

Existance and being alive is an apostacy to the inanimate universe.

I want to prolong and increase the lies and the suffering, if I want life to win, because of how many enemies it has.

And I am lieing and I don’t mean what I said and I want you to ignore me.