In the prison yard

In a prison
He had to choose
Which of the gods would fuck him.

One of them was going to be his room mate,
But he dreaded his passed experiences.

He chose one of them all
Who seemed the most mild.

He did not have to bow low and worship
He did not have to beg for forgiveness
He did not have to feel guilty for the fact that he was alive and in prison.

He later realized that love could be found anywhere
And pain could be found everywhere.
He realized that power proves nothing
And understanding proves truth.

He realized that he didn’t have to call himself a prisoner
As he held onto the prison bars
Waiting for his execution.

30 years later
He was executed by leathal injection.

On the 35th year
His inmate had gotten stabbed to death in a prison fight.

His god was named Arthius
And as Arthius died
Arthius saw a bright light;
He sensed a presense.

It grabbed onto him with both hands,
and pulled him far away.

"I broke out of hell,
I escaped through the window.
I let go of the chains that I was holding onto for so long.

I pulled you out of the window,
And I made you loose your grip,

We can be together still,
Whether by force or by choice.

What the hell happened in those five years?"

Arthius replied:

“I missed you.
I prayed to you.
I wished that you could have save me.
I was alone.”


Metaphor of salvation…

Good, Dan. I sense that this is a culmination of your recent thoughts, as seen in your replies elsewhere on the board.

I liked these bits especially:

if life is a prison then music is the yard time

And when we dream at night, we’re on parole.