In your dealings with Idealistic people . . .

Other than being hopeful to the extreme, what are some of the other traits you notice in these people?

What was similar about their backgrounds that may have lead to their more fantastical view of life?

Their lives often consist of a sequence of victories or good parenting, aswel as genetics/personality playing a factor.

Basically they have been cast into life with more inner power and motivation then others.

Actually, I’ve found a lot of idealists (excessively hopeful people, not people who agree with Berkeley) to be rather unhappy with their lives. It seems to me that they create their fanciful portraits of life in order to escape the pain reality has to offer them. Life treats them poorly, so they imagine to be better than it is.

…but woe if the ideal is worse than the real!

"…we are spirits burdened with a corpse, " said one.

“…no, we are corpses burdened with a spirit!,” said another.

My first reply was talking about optamistic, motivated, confident persons.

But yes, you seem to note something wrong within the idealist.

He or she cannot fit into the world, thus they wish for the world to instead fit thyself.

For better or for worse, it is a disagreement with the entire world and the natural system.

Idealism is one of the signs, the death-throughs of the moralist in a corrupt culture.

Inner balance:
Sometimes people are born with a strong heart. Sometimes people are born with a strong mind. But what happens when one can’t keep up with the other? If a couple are running, for whatever reason, if one of the falls or gets too tiered to run anymore, the other should stop also. Love thyself. The heart should not burdon the mind, and the mind should not burdon the heart. I feel almost incapable of practicing tenderness upon myself, because it has not been done upon me. I want to taste the most nourishing. I want to practice the perfect. What if I want to be too balanced? Well then, I must accept the reality of my imbalanced existence, and in the human, I find much imbalance.

I myself have been called an idealist so I suppose I can testify to the truth of that. After all, life is little but a testament to the meaningless redundancy of itself. It is often, better to look on the bright side of things simply for the sake of its nicety. The truth is, when you are nice to people typically they are nice to you. Should not the concept apply to ones views on life? If you look to the better of it, then surely life will be better, or at least seem better for that is what you choose to see.

A friend once told me, “You have to much faith in people.” I told him, “No, because no matter where you choose to put your faith, it is never misplaced simply because you believe in it.” That I suppose is the case with many idealists; put your faith in what is good and that faith can’t be misplaced for such is the power of belief.