In your opinion....

…Was Nietzsche a product of romanticism? I was reading Rousseau and found many aspects of his work that find an echo in Nietzsche’s own.

Of course he was.

Unfortunately, yes. After the Enlightenment abolished Transcendentalism, Nietzsche wanted to salvage “a priori” metaphysics to keep the “spirit of philosophy” alive. His reason, of course, was that science was not sufficient to provide reason and purpose for man. Here he made a strange move, which distinguished him from most philosophers: he denied metaphysics, but attempted to explain and justify existence with something that was not scientific. But there is nothing else. There is no other alternative here. If one denies the utility of science and its supremacy over “philosophy”, one inadvertently becomes a metaphysician. Surely he would call himself an “artist”, but we know that that only means “I am neither proletarian or bourgeois, but a wanderer on a pension plan who is an enormous waste of time.”

I do love Nietzsche. Don’t get me wrong. I treat him like a little brother.