The concept of writing creatively is only fine and acceptable where there is something to accept, in retrospect. I don’t know what I’m talking about, ultimately. I’m only a poor man who realizes rhyme and concept and uses it to his advantage, taking complete control over a thematic situation to reach a means of impressing other people. I mean, what do I know? The sickness of indecisiveness plagues me, it plagues me because life and all things involved are so beautiful and still, how can I possibly narrow myself down to one field of concentration and learning? Perhaps I am a person of nature, in that I want to be still and unbiased like nature. I would rather choose nothing at all than concentrate on one thing and willingly know that I’m ignoring something else which could make me happy. Do I have some sort of innate feeling of responsibility? What responsibility do I owe to anything or anyone, really? Am I being a dumb fool, a stupid romantic who feels like he is just pretending that he is better than or above others by staying neutral, undeciding and interested in all things? Am I a confused simpleton? Is there honor, nobility, and respect in indecisiveness? Am I focusing on too much of a “devils advocate” world view, in that I do not wish to be like the others who focus and excel at certain things? I can see myself being happy doing a number of things; therefore should I not do all of these things? Why not? To whom do I owe responsibility? What am I talking about? Thank you for participating in this preemptive strike of creative writing.

What are you feelings or opinions or arguments on Indecisiveness and/or Indifference and their respective implications (on anything)?

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Perhaps your problem is of the “if I don’t make the attempt, I cannot fail…” category? (Of course you’d find validations…)

The best writers write from their hearts as much as from their heads. write a little about alot if that is better for you. Go with what is inside. Why concentrate on one? Or start a number of things at once and work on all. There is more than one way to skin a cat.


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The problem with indecisiveness is that it can be paralysing, staying neutral without picking an area of expertise or true interest may be good for a-while, but eventually you have to pick somthing, or you flounder and fail everything.

Not that a person can’t maintain a vested interest/research into many different fields, but responsibly theres not enough time to learn everything, so we’re forced to make a choice about whats important to us/the most interesting.

I think my indecisiveness boils down to me not wanting long-term responsibilities or ties (like a career), I just want to be, and to be without all the bullshit people get caught up in today…

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