What is the meaning of life? Many believe that the purpose of ones life is as he makes it, or perhaps it is predestined by ‘God’ and we just need to realize what we were put here for.

When in fact the meaning of life is perhaps Peace of mind, where no thoughts or conceptions stretch to such an extent to the pointless questions of life. What is a pointless question? A pointless question is a question which needs not be answered. While many will argue with me, “You are being hipocratic then by asking this question, if a pointless question is one which desires no answer.” But, some questions need to be answered for one to reach a state of Peace of Mind.

Why do we go to school when the knowledge of the world is all around use, why do we have jobs when the work of the world is all around us, why do we sit in a chair with the floor beneath us? Why do we watch the world go by rather than experience it? Why are we afraid when fear does not exist? Then why do we fear inveitability of accession, gaining knowledge or working or creating marvels for future generations to admire means nothing ina world where darkness is inevitable.

So, to what extent do our daily lives reach? What is the meaning of life when your parents are coming over, the house needs to be cleaned, and the baby’s diaper needs to be changed? Could it not be that the beginning of modern man was for the sake of our sanity? What would it be like if we were always to contemplate the meaning of our lives?

The meaning of life is realized while one is standing at the edge of a cliff, when you stare down the side of gaping eternity, the time of which you realize all and nothing are actually one in the same, a second and a minute are one in the same of infinite. When you realize the meaning of life is a life of meaning for common sense tells you it would be ignorant to take that next step off the cliff.

What is that feeling when you are one step from bliss or oblivion? What is that next step? Life is a fog so deep. With peace of mind, one will know the meaning of life is unknown until one dies, there is a gigantic difference between Understanding, and acceptance like Socrates said:

“The unexamined life, is not worth living” This is one saying that is naive and truthful all at once.

If you have ever read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe you will find that the meaning of life and all other things can be simplified into 42. Whereas if you were to watch the movie Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, then it will explain it at the end after a bunch of random junk and then it doesn’t make sense. Life is just like that, a bunch of stuff is going on for the most part even though you are trying to find the meaning of life. Then near the end of your life that is filled with pointless things, the meaning of life will be revealed to you and even then it will not make sense and by then it will not matter, so why worry about it.

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Assuming that a life of ignorance is what you wish to live, you can ACCEPT that life is an enigma, or you may understand it… explanation:

“Ignorance is Bliss”
-from a man who would end the world for his selfishness

Ignorance is bliss, but when you realize the world is not as others percieve it, it becomes curious why you would not ask the ultimate question rather than the questions of a delusional life. And once you truly Understand the world, NO questions will be asked and the world will be enjoyed.

I would rather watch the sunset from the edge of the world, watch the land grow from the seed I planted.

“All the worlds a stage”

I would rather live, than act, than shove my way past egotistical men with pretentious jobs, than know the world is more, yet cry myself to sleep.

Ya’ll are both some crazy people. In any case, we must first ask ourselves what is bliss and how would a certain amount of people describe it? What is bliss to you?

By bliss I mean Happiness, an eternity in ‘Heaven’

“Everything that happens is inevitable. If it wasn’t inevitable, then it would not have happened.” O.W. Grant

Not quite the point of the thread, but of course I agree and it is a good quote, but you apparantly didn’t read the posts.

First of all, what makes me crazy; just because i know about monty python and the hitch hikers guide to the universe does not make me crazy. That off my mind, i did not say that ignorance is bliss solely that in life you WILL be looking for the meaning of life, truly making an honest effort, but other things in life will prohibit you from finding it until when you do find the meaning of life it makes no sense and you wonder why you wasted all of the time to come to a conclusion that life does have a point but is doesn’t exactly make sense. For all we know the meaning of life could be to eat as much PB&J as we can so that we explode, this makes no sense at all but it doesn’t have to seeing as you cannot control what is going to happen because, due to my beliefs on the concept of time, everything has already happened so if you do find the meaning of life then you were already going to and life will go on as it already has. If you want to further discuss the concept of time you can e-mail me at so ha


I think we are talking about the same thing from two different perspectives… Why should we contribute to mankind’s illusion though? Why shouldn’t we establish our dreams and go after them, unbiased from the world of men. I would much rather live through my life to discover the meaning of life than know that the meaning of life is not anything I am doing in this ‘illusion’ as I call it. I would rather do what I truly desire, than follow a non-existent dream.

As for the meaning of life, it can only be one thing: Peace of Mind, but to understand why is to first understand the concept. Read a book called “Peace of Mind” by Joshua Loth Liebman. He writes from a christian (jewish rather) standpoint, but the thought still remains, especially in the first chapter. As for time, read my thread What is Time? in the Philosophy forum.

Life has no meaning.

To search for the ‘meaning of life’ may be folly. I am reminded of my dear grandmother who constantly looked for her lost eyeglasses only to find them on top of her head.


Life has to have a meaning or otherwise we wouldn’t exist, may it be just to reproduce and die, there is a meaning.

I like it. It reminded me of this story:

From the Sufis:

The makerplace erupted in shouts of dismay as the great teacher charged through riding his donkey. The Master had excited the poor beast into a great frenzy. It was running at full-sped, yet the master continued to beat upon its rump with his riding crop. A spector curious about this desperate race cried out to the master,
“What are you doing?”

"I am searching for my donkey, " he replied.

How does meaning preceed existence? How can something have meaning before it exists?

Something has meaning BECAUSE it exists, don’t get me wrong, its a good question… but even if the meaning is to reach the end, there is a meaning; perhaps if you were to look at a maze and you began in the center, you would attempt to reach the end, that is the meaning of the maze. Of course, you could just sit there, but the reason the maze was created with its twists and turns was for someone/thing to venture the paths.

What is the meaning of a tree? What is the meaning of a mountain?

Manufactured things, on the other hand, have a function because we give them a function.

A of W,

You could be right, but how would you know?

A sage was once asked, “Do you know the meaning of life?” He sat very still for a moment and then replied, “I did until you asked me.”


The meaning of a tree is to grow and to inspire life, the meaning of a mountain is to be the product of plate tectonics (in other words, the mountain is the result of plate tectonics coming together, it is a result)

Could we not say that the meaning of life is to grow and inspire life?
Can we say that the menaing of life is to be the product of cold winter nights? Man and woman come together and, well you know :wink:

We could, of course we could… but we do not know, we desire knowledge, therefore we put an answer to everything and mine is Peace of Mind. Of course, I am a logical one, and this is my answer for it cannot be proven wrong, and it is right. But this is an indefinite answer where it will be right even when the truth is known.

In example: 1+1=1+1, it is right, but the truth is 1+1=2