Is infallibility found among humans? Is it possible for one to become infallible if raised the correct way and taught the correct teachings?

of course you can be infallible; say nothing.

otherwise, no.

I would also say its a loaded question. Why assume there is something else which our knowledge is removed from? Read some Hegel

I think perfection is related to infallibility. I believe that while humans cannot attain perfection in their own nature, character or personality, they can achieve perfection in the objects or works of art that they create. I think it is perfectly possible to have a “perfect” – hence infallible, piece of furniture for example, and likewise in any other field of craftsmanship.

I believe it is possible to create a perfect piece of music – something that could never be improved upon, and likewise an art work, a tool, a machine and so forth.

the answer is timecube
we are all educated lies by liars
and we are sent to church to be brainwashed with more lies
im done pondering ive found truth and happiness where
any form of god is evil unless he also accepts the timecube