Is infinity = 0?

0 = infinitesimal, or infinitely small in value. So pretty much, yeah.

0 never exists in the real world, only as an abstract mathematical concept. Same as infinity. Infinity is only ever conceived as a tendency toward a larger and larger amount that seems to never stop, but at the moment only an extremely large amount can be seen. What exists is always somewhere between being seemingly unlimited in length and “actually” unlimited in length. Infinitesmally small amounts follow the mirror image.

You may have come across philosophers who speak of “everything” as also “nothing”.

If you managed to encompass the entiry of everything into one concept, it would be meaningful relative to nothing else outside of it: meaningless, nothing.
It would have meaning only relative to its constituant parts, requiring it to be conceived of as something broken down and therefore not complete. But arguably, “everything” encompasses having parts as well. But to encompass having parts as well as be complete and filled in is a contradiction. It must then contain contradiction as well as consistency etc. and suddenly everything falls apart and becomes meaningless, or nothing.

does anyone disagree?

Infinity and zero are distinct numbers in mathematics - just as 1,2,3,i and the square root of 2 are.

Neither are necessarily a physical concept. You can’t have 0,infinity, -5 or i Oranges, for instance.

The approach I’ve taken is in seeing the similarity between zero and infinity - showing what they have in common.

They are also distinct within the abstract realm of mathematics as minesadorada points out.

I favour the blurring of boundaries since the extent of distinctness in the application of mathematics is highly unclear. Mathematics is a purified representation of what actually exists - in practice, boundaries are very blurred. Moreso the more closely or further away you observe from. Things are only relatively distinct, and it is only practicalities that get us to treat them as distinct.

“There is no such thing as a perfect triangle” etc. and 1,2,3,i,the square root of 2, infinity and 0 also don’t exist outside of mathematics - it is just practical to treat them as they do, and mathematical predictions give close enough of a prediction. It’s not just 0, infinity, -5 or i Oranges that aren’t really physical concepts (except in the general real sense).

In maths, 1/infinity = 0, making all three abstract concepts a function of one another. This doesn’t make them identical, but they are of each other.
Is “1” object an “infinite” number of smaller particles or “nothing”, since most of the space taken up by an atom is nothingness?
is “1” object an “infinitesimal” part of an infinitely bigger picture or “nothing” as it tends toward nothingness compared with the size of what it makes up?

So obviously the answer is in perspective, which is relative through pretty much everything/nothing.