Initial personal opinion of Trumpism

So what if, the new intelligence, the one after the deposed ones came up with, that it was out of a Chinese lab that ’ accidentally’ released Covid 19, is the one we conceivably abide with come election?

May this be the trigger, that could have ignited an atomic-hydrogen war, had it been not politicized?

Who knows, but the plot thickens , within which Trump is staged.

Anyway, we may never find out.

Sorry , double post.

Sorry , double post.

Syllogisms aside with those with more acute intuitive presumptions:

The IS must derive into necessity & here is why. Forgive affrintery equally aside:

Trump must win because;

The basicsest presumption is engendered within the idea that the left and the right must align or realign to the fact that apart from an AI imparted NWO is way above the plane of doubt!

Having said, this, some support for this audacity:

The impoverished level of 3rd world subsistence is waaaaaaaaaay below that of US and so called Western countries.

The NWO is a blackmailed objectively regressed factual existential derivation, that will trigger a holocaust of immeasurable horror, dwarfing anything the Chinese could come up with in their laboratory, whether intentional or accidental.

Democracy will reduce US and Western standards of living to inestimable levels to correlate with firmer colonial , now wholly informed I’d quantitative differentials.

Human life n it valued by former colonial elite to the extent Capital was able to garner, and even Marx could not presuppose, will trigger weapons of mass destruction , by a voided principle. (Material dialectic)

Savage relations if international furor, can not compensate material degregations to eastern levels, not by a long shot.

All moral categories of intellectual theft, of Marco proceeding, of legitimate prostitution of the young are within the scope of eastern conventional wisdom

If Biden would win, the universal equilibrium between the haves and the have nots would retro interject an unsustainable internally depreciated standard of living to the US population , causing an uncontrollable internal strife.

The results would traverse from a pseudo controlled liberal society into the limits of surveillance, bringing forth the actual validity of the considerable-ness of Gate’s rebuttals to the contrary. He has been accused of trying to inject microchips - which has been a long held contentious issue)

Finally, I understand Arminius’ prediction, in case Ms. Clinton would have won in 2016, that could>would have catastrophic results.

I wonder, if he were here today, that prediction may still be a probable one.

With 100 days until the election, and given the history of this administration, if, a policy consideration could overcome populist sentiment, may Democracy stand against such a policy?

I venture this big question mark, so as to try to understand the alignment which appear in so much disarray.

In weighing the above considerations, national social-capitalism should win the day against social-universal capitalism.

And policy does outweigh rules of law, by necessity.

But the question is , who is in first and who is on third?

E.g. is on second is immaterial for the economic double cross of capital accumulation.

Namely, it is either over or undervalued by projection. Or interjection: Jesus bears the cross of the value, ( fatalistically- the coin with Ceasar’s image on one side) …

The cross, as a foreshadowing of the intrajectio between the material and the ideal synthetic, reduced/produces solutions , regressively - nominally toward the infinitely singular, OR progressively toward a simulated hypothetical.

The hypothetical absolute model failing, variations of revised simulations need to fill in the blanks.

The simulations are under attack by their very mode of sensational verification, therefore the elementary conjectures of Russell’s " sense data" are under attack"

But that arguments returns to the ‘is’ ’ should’ dicotomy, interpreted within the inclusionary/exclusionary notion of criteria.

The modern/classical criteria begs the question, within the similar mode of interpretation.

Therefore the resulting value judgement can not be resolved , except through situ.

A resolution forces a hypothetical re-integration o f familiarrly pseudo integrated elements, retested amid simulated corresponding factions.

It really does not make a difference that is noticeably relevant to ‘The State of the Union’ whether the RNC, or the Dems win. It’s all about the money, and everything takes place back stage.

There may not be the hoopla associated with this election everybody expects.

Conspiratorial voting aside, it may turn anticlimactic.

I have been of same thought and mind… behind the smoke-and-mirrors of all the fake news, it’s still about the elected government delivering a decent manifesto for it’s peoples.

I have no idea (yet) on who will win, but it’s easier to gauge who… as Election Day approaches.

Could it be apathy and a disconnect within the social-psocial-politicAl dynamic within , tat somehow propelled reality into a kind of funhouse, with mirroring. basic norms to skew into this?

MagsJ said,

“I have been of same thought and mind… behind the smoke-and-mirrors of all the fake news, it’s still about the elected government delivering a decent manifesto for it’s peoples.”

So, a disconcern has arisen between what is said, and what is beingdone in the name of ‘political correctness’ ?

There appears no other possibility.

The reason I say this true is because if China wanted to destroy. the U S they could on one day. They would stop selling Wallmart, Wall.aet would fail, the U s would as well.

There goes the Tromping version of the mother of conspiracy theories.

MagsJ, as a fellow traveling vampire, You’re unafraid for political reasons to answer me.

The China card is the one prepossessing universal bargaining chip.

Further , know well enough that You are not prone to confuse the experience of politics with the politics of experience!

It is incredible that such state of affairs arrived on the political scene, unless it is to be admitted that something very weird is going on. Its late, and even vampires need their est, but for starters, lest such inquiry from folks like us need to be made, be made at this point.

The deep state is like an inverted deep pocket, in which the opposite of. silver lining is expected to be found, one that is behind and beneath what is correct politically, but never in the moment of counscious reality.

What the heck is going on, says the lone kid in a crowd of yea sayers, who do not see the naked emperor ?

But if anyone seeing this with some idea , please don’t hesitate , as for me , I am at a point where I can no longer think clearly.

Did not sleep all that well for this question kept me awake .

In tje early morning’s light , finally it occured to me that the answer could be a fairly simple one.

Marx , trepidation about the truth and falsity of what he thought, versus the reoccurant realization over what effects hos thoughts had effected over the hearts and mind of man.

German idealism rooted in 'Dasein, has been a topic that relentlessly occupied the center stage man’s Kantian solution. conversely transformed into antithetical formulations.

The one hand tried to analyze the ideal of substantial depth of antecedent forms of reasoning, while the other satisfying populism’s preoccupation with the newly found gadgets which have founded the materiality of the optics of misplaced genetic resilience.

Nietzsche et Al. have finally burst asunder the entire theme by the extreme political and psychological state of social realization, by exposing the hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy inherent in the resultant modern effects that positivists beginning with and through the Vienna Circle have tried to topically patent.

That has turned popular understanding intonam optical illusion , which tje French best describe.

Given this antithesis between the French AND the English
Continental rivalry, a corresponding colonial rivalry has analogously duplicated between the Chinese and the Soviet social theaters from an ontological difference.

That difference has been vowen into the fabric of the hypocrisy, and sustained through tje various levels that a mew transition prevailed, starting with the ontogenetic crisis of the Indo-Chinese vacuum that developed on the heels of such failure to substantially find a solution to it.

The 1960’s political and military solution became evident with the struggle to define a post political and social-psychogicall struggle , with the very ominous signs quite apparent .in that decade, too numerous to mention. The map toward increasing trouble ahead became very appearent. with Reagan forming an equally hypothetical detante AMD an equally post detantere prematurally ambiguous quasi Kantian solution .

The decline of the West discounted with in an inadequate optically exhausted solution searching to taper off one dimensionality, failed, and the substrata of existentially validated ideologically valid solutions equally undermining the former afflatus quo of such formative yet thinly veiled French aesthetically pleasing Sartrean epigrams that retroactively became more poetry than literarily derived sense, could not overcome the deep pocket left behind the Indo-Chinese vacuum.

So the present theater is foundering on the many layered traces that really are analogous to those being submerged , as do the parts of icebergs, which are submerged below the level of sight, below the level of material understanding.

The ice is melting in more ways then one, and self protection of that material, literally that/those Tatars has interpreted by his idea that the charms of.produxtion are overwhelmed by increasing dissatisfaction with lowering production with increasingly limited enjoyments that come with it.

The US, the bastion of that enjoymemt, internally dividing between external imperialistic conquest, and the equally demanding markets of the sale and distribution of.Democratic principles, staggered, with the optically illusive cloth of the cover, with on the actual mask which is supposed to ward off the new disease, that may or may not have been created in a divisive East, against a failing West, present Europinized Russia included.

This is where the theater of absurd finds its best act: a determined last act of a failed person in all appearent ways, his back against the wall, superhero like, but really more of a failed one, it of desperation, to show failings even af the apex of a failing society to achieve the bill of rights, about to be required to paid up , after monumental borrowing

The jig is up, and the original, sad to admit, goulash capital, has failed to convince the Chinese to a multilateral admission to the New World Order.

Here is the point where the dominoes fall, this is where the founder begins to crack, toward the innards of.Marxism, toward the Das Ein, where the fall is toward a denied center.

It is not a hypothetical center, but one which is actually present in West’s individual centers to enjoy benefits
designed constitutionally , according to each, and not to each as per mass.

The behaviorist phenomena per determinate effect a of action over idea, has been a phenomenally successful result of the mode of prescribing a method that Jas been around Western archives since China’s original hegemony. and Greek philosophical preeminence has been upended by China’s silent resolve: to sleep through thousands of undernourished years, only to project a keen internal understanding , as through a solution they invented many eons ego: the rocket.

Their silence now has become militarized , their submission has acceded to the synthetic recepie of conquest: .
the loud, almost deafening roar of the backwater of which the quietness of Zen originate , .

It truly is an age of hybrids , the synthesis has failed, and either adaption or the failure of the grand illusion fails of the project , MAN.

This should explain what is really underneath the belly of the beast, and Trumpism becomes more akin to the tinkering a child does with explosive toys then explorations of what AI might come around to actually think of , how to condition man’s inmate need to know why, or how it happened.

Well that’s not the biggest surprise, is it…

Sorry, but why should China… or any Nation, bend to the will of others? that is so yesteryear and primitive! Aren’t we all in this thing called life, together? The four corners of the Earth would be nothing without each other, but it is only ego that keeps saying otherwise.

Funny that, in that I started self-identifying as Hybrid ; )

Humans were always on the perpetual-move… never stagnating, always originating. Who ever said to do otherwise… :-k

MagsJ said:

“Sorry, but why should China… or any Nation, bend to the will of others? that is so yesteryear and primitive! Aren’t we all in this thing called life, together? The four corners of the Earth would be nothing without each other, but it is only ego that keeps saying otherwise.”

Very true. Why should they"?

They really shouldn’t even begin to try, but the minute they adopted goulash ideology, or goulash capitalism, they incurred the well expected wrath of neo-Kantians , or those who lacked an equivocation between social capitalism or national socialism OR their original divided categorization, failing to realize the way they tried to reconstruct the original: " let’s make it great again " cliché.

No way that anyone of moral of even immortal stature can do that, such euro revisionists have only become caricatures.

So they should have. stick to their religion, communism, and Putin, an old foxy KGB man sees trough the calamitous deception

In fact, and this IS a std
retch, the gulyas hybrid capitalism was unfortunately coined my a much older fox communist president .

The ontological dilemma we are facing today, is just as toxic , as before Husserl/ Heidegger came around to reduce the conflation existing , in tune with that environment for those particular reasons, still prevelant.

Is this essential Hegel commensurate with the phenomenal Marx?

To sort through that unsaturated mass of bubbles, one would need to reinterpret Das Sein in order to suit one’s fancy. That relative search for meaning entails the inescapable nigilism, that everyone appears to be suffering from.

To categorize, in nominal terms such affinities corresponding to party line, that can help form seamless identifiable borders, appears to be a transcendentally based projections , where thesis appears to moderate for antithesis, once again

Essential constitutional elements can not be voided, only augmented. Such augmentation uses present structural efficacy to put extra muscle on the skeleton, as it were, and reductively, the muscle develops to accommodate the use of individual bones.

That is why it is most probable , similarly, that it is not the characters within the plot matter as much, as the unfolding plot that uses them to accomadate changing structural underpinnings of what seem to be below the accountable.

In this sense, the characters are mere metaphors to major archetypes, diluting the existential -phenomenal threat everyone is so worked up about.

In this sense, even if Trump’s China Syndrome is right on the money, it is inconceivable that a sustained war could crassly be fought , ever since the de–facto Indo- China domino defeat since the 70’s.

It is conceivable , but more likely it was in limited contexts, and other developments included as many players as were elected from the time of Eisenhower, all the way through Nixon through today.

This is why, party line and who gets elected appear as herd deflections of Red Scare , and the prime reason for it, is the one of acquiring jobs to those who can most convincingly represent that state of affairs. -What that state entails, is again a product of assumptions Marx may be interpreted as transcendental rather than projectially accountable, reversing a bubbly mass of phenominal possibilities toward the essential definitions which abound all around.

I think policy issues regarding China’s growing influence in the world can nit change. regardless of whose job it is, as China’s influence became of pivotal concern at the time of the impeachment.

That IS the single central policy issue facing the world, and everything else takes a back seat.

Has anyone heard of Trump’s claim of a dramatic build up of military assets to fight UFOs and Aliens?

I think with what has been happening down here, it’s time for some major drama to happen.

If not, someone may get the idea to invent one.

Well that’s the most exciting News I’ve heard in a long while Meno… and what if it’s not fake news?

Our small planetary bubble is part of and inside of a much larger universal bubble, and anything can go down in that… as those of us with a broader sense of self, will and can already imagine and know.

The immaturity of the human race could be their undoing and failure to advance and progress, to a more rightful place of an epitaph… amongst the stars.

If its not fake? Well, then that question will haunt us forever, and maybe better left that way, only our lack of decisive will could shadow in an adjacent bubble.

in which that knowledge arose , as well
and slide through such bubbly stuff as any vain or artery can glean,

Dont worry babe , we are ALL groan up.

Every single one of us, except maybe…


So far-----

Connecting some dots:

Now Trump is setting himself as electible in 2024, since he successfully consumed the Republican party, instead the other way around. He allows no dialogue, or concession of the Biden win, and allows no exit strategy, which simulates his lack of any prercievable entry mandate

The question of logistics is determinate here, as the shift between the conceptual dasein and the phenomenological das ein OS left conflated, creating the emergent unknowns of progressive or regressive projections.

That said, an about face, of power motives presents the opportunity to transform blame or, praise, as long term possibilities are realized , so as to assure the progression from democracy toward fascism.

That is the rationale for sustaining capital, once social-democratic institutions fail to support it, and it goes beneath the social realism which Marx and Lenin so topically tried to substantiate.