Insanity's Choice

Insanity awoke
to a sea of sanity

the unexpectedness of sanity’s encroachment
upon insanity’s land
was too startling
for insanity

But when sanity crashed upone insanity
only existence was left

Realization was insanity’s choice

I’m wondering Kristalyn, did you write this poem recently, possibly in response to the mentioning of the word insanity in prior posts or is this something that you have had a while? I suppose I’m curious becuase you seem to churn these poems out, it almost seems to be part of your style, and if that is the case I applaud you. Although applaud is too strong a word I think.

As for the poem itself I find it difficult, yet again, to comment on eventhough I do enjoy it, and I do because of the mystery it contains. The image that it lends to me is one of chaos suddenly silenced and emersed in calm. Insanity vs. sanity. Is this a subtle response to the duality question? If it is it is indeed subtle, because it would have been so easy to miss, and if it isnt then oh well it is still a duality. I have to be honest, I dont really know what you mean by saying realization was insanity’s choice. Could you eloborate?

In response to your reply, Concordance…

Yes, I had just typed out this poem on a psyhchotic whim. It was a means of expressing my struggle with the concept of duality. I’m glad you picked up on it, but I am suprised that you had thought that it had seen subtle.

But in regards to the last line," insanity’s realization", I had meant exactly what the phrase simply implied to me at least. But let me explain. First off, when I think of insanity I immediately associate the concept of insanity with the possibiltiy of one not having the choice. And realization, for me, is a choice. So by sticking these two words together, I wanted to create the feeling confusion or at leat a thought process of questioning what the line really meant.

-Actually, to tell the complete truth, I don’t think or at least don’t recall that I had any certain conscious meaning behind this poem. Usually, most of these poems are a way to express some of the pent up energy in me, but then there are times when these poems have been an outlet for my crazy an confusing thoughts that I want to understand. And from them, comes these combinations of words and phrases which try to capture my thoughts. Oh well, I don’t really know! But that is half of the fun!

Thanks again for your responses!

ya its cool
i printed it and went to wall mart, bought a 40 dollar frame and put it up on my wall of insaine pictures. Then I relized i was a pointless freak.


no just kidding but it is cool!

i am writing an essay and i am disscussing how constant searches for answers that one isnt able to find leads one to doubt the existence and reliability of everything, even themselves. does anyone have any examples?